Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Accomplishments in Stewardship

I've put the word out over the past couple months that if anyone has yarn they don't want, I will take it for a prayer shawl/scarf and hat/other things knitted/crocheted ministry.  The response has been amazing, and I think I'm ready to share with you what has happened so far.  Ask and ye shall receive, y'all.

We were even given some ready-made items, and I've gotten a couple of things made already (in the back there)

I've been part of a Lenten Bible Study where we have explored service and stewardship in many forms.  We discussed some concrete options this week that we will pray over and hopefully begin very soon!

We celebrated the church's 110th anniversary this Sunday.  It was suggested that people bring one dollar for each year we were celebrating...in other words $110.  We don't have funds available to do that, I admit, but I did my best to help with the dinner by providing some sandwich bread, baked beans, the relish tray and a pie.  I 'worked' (it doesn't feel like work because I enjoy it) at the dinner, helping with setup, serving those who couldn't maneuver the buffet line, pouring punch and water, etc.  I did a lot of dishes, but there was a lot of laughter and fun.  It was a great way to spend time with my friends!

I did the children's moment on Sunday morning and agreed to teach Sunday School for infinity.  Or something like that.

We brought some grocery items for the church's collection for the food bank.

These are all small things, but they do add up.  If money is tight, there are many other ways to give...and a lot of them give back to you in wonderful ways as well!

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momma-lana said...

I love these posts on stewardship. That sure is a lot of yarn!

Laura said...

Thank you, Momma-Lana! It really is a lot of yarn. I'm a bit overwhelmed, but in a good way!


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