Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Accomplishments in Stewardship

Not too long ago, I posted some thoughts I had about giving and charity.  I firmly believe that there is more to stewardship than writing a check and dropping it in the offering plate on Sunday morning.  Don't get me wrong - you can't pay the heating bill with eggs, nor can you babysit some banker's kids to pay down the church mortgage.  That said a lack of finances doesn't mean you can't continue to give.  Here are some things we did this past week - in addition to giving some money at church - to be more giving.  The purpose of this list is not to draw attention to me,but to share ideas for ways that we can all contribute and participate in giving...and maybe remind us of all the ways we already do!!

I took a couple of reams of paper to church for the copier.  I get them free after rebate from Staples, and I get far more than we need here at home.

Baked a loaf of banana bread and put it out with the coffee at church on Sunday morning.

I did the 'children's moment' Sunday morning.  I was prepared to teach elementary Sunday School, but no one came.  I'll save the lesson for next week.  I participated in a Stewardship Committee meeting after Sunday service.

I signed up for several samples this week.  When they arrive, they'll go into the basket where I gather things for Blessing Bags.  At Walmart I got several little packages of panty liners free with coupons - they can go in Blessing Bags too.

Daughter and I gathered seeds from our seed stash - we will plant them in the community garden that's starting at church this spring.

I've started doing some crocheting.  So far I've completed a child's shawl and and a scarf for an adult.  I'll share photos once they are blocked.

Went through Daughter's chest of drawers, along with a few other drawers, and gathered up four bags of clothing, shoes and household items to donate.

I'd love to learn all the ways you give to your community.  Please leave a comment and tell me what you do!

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Sandra Girouard said...

Nice post. Sometimes, I think it's actually too easy to write a check or put cash in the plate. Giving time can be more meaningful, and connects us to others, as well. We're giving back in a few different ways.

Our community library is manned only by volunteers, so we try to put in at least two hours per week to keep the door open and the "Open" sign lit. We also always provide donations (and labor, when we can) to fundraisers.

Like you, we take baked goods to share to church.

I also work with yarn and once a year, have been sending hats and scarves I've made to a charity up north (just not that big a need down here).

Finally, I'm working with another lady at church to produce a church cookbook.

Sandra @<a href="http://smartfoodstorage.blogspot.com>Smart Food Storage </a>

Laura said...

I love that you work to keep the library available to the community, Sandra! Thanks also for your ideas for other ways we can all contribute and make a difference!

Terri G. said...

My husband and I are the volunteer coordinators of our local food pantry. We give alot of our time, but I also crochet and sew items that we hand out. I also send for freebies, and the ones that we don't need at home we donate there.

Laura said...

Awesome, Terri! I bet running a food pantry is a LOT of work. What a loving way to spend your time!


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