Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Peek at Our Week

We stayed busy this past week with all sorts of things!  Here are the highlights:

I had next to nothing to do with it, but the drywall is hung in the garage!  Whee!

Swimming lessons are still going just great, and my little tadpole (hee hee) is more and more comfortable in the water.  She's learning a lot and really enjoying the process.

We made banana pudding together.  Daughter did a great job layering ingredients and slicing bananas.  In the end, she didn't like was too 'banana-y'.  (I'm not quite sure what she was expecting, poor dear!)  The following morning, she tried it again, and liked it after all.  Hooray!

Oh, Sweetie, you don't have to smile so hard!

We have had our full-size chickens listed on craigslist, and sold/traded/otherwise found homes for all but one.  I do hope we can find her a place soon - I suspect she'll get lonely.  She's a good hen...a great brooder/mom, so I'm hopeful we can find her a place.
I went to the church's Lenten Bible Study on Wednesday night, and left feeling really excited about some upcoming projects we are discussing.  I will share as they develop!

It was warm enough on Thursday to open some doors and windows and let in some fresh air.  It's beginning to feel like spring, which is nice! 

We took our Living Social voucher to Sam's Club, and now we're official members!  We walked around, tasted some samples and looked at all the stuff we can buy  I can't get over the #10 cans of whole tomatoes for $1.30-something.  How on earth?  We picked up a few things, including our free take/bake pizza that was part of the offer.  We have been in Sam's before, on the 'everybody can buy' days, but the idea of having the membership and not having to decide right away about what to buy/not buy is...different.  I'm still not certain just how much we will purchase there. 

It's early, but we planted some radishes, lettuce, spinach and peas in our enclosed garden.  Except for the peas, the other seeds are in an insulated clear box that will give them warmer soil and air.  My friend MaryBeth has used them for years and they worked really well for her.  We inherited some when she moved to a new place, so we will see how it works out for us here on the prairie. 

Marigold, the Silkie hen

Cloud (front) and Marshmallow (back), our Silkie roosters
Today I have a chicken program at one of the libraries.  It will be lots of fun - they always are.  If I can get cleaned up in time afterward, I plan to go to Happy Needles and work on my current crochet project.  Also today,  I'm making a pie, a relish tray and a vat of baked beans for our church's 110th anniversary dinner.  It's tomorrow, after service.  I'm looking forward to spending some time with so many people who are so kind and caring.  Ah...happy sigh...

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