Saturday, February 2, 2013


Eucharisteo (verb) to be grateful, feel thankful, give thanks.   The root word of eucharisteo is charis, meaning “grace”, while its derivative in Greek is chara, meaning “joy”. This one word, eucharisteo, encompasses a literary progression of giving thanks, finding grace, and experiencing joy.

1.  my girl, humming to herself while she works
2.  God's sun and snow, shining glitter-bright in the morning
3.  radiant heat from the wood stove

4.  sleeping Tallulah on the parson's bench
5.  dinosaurs marching across my kitchen floor, and the child who put them there

6.  the soft ticking of the clock, reminding me of Kentucky family
7.  hens who know they are loved
8.  still-warm eggs

9.  big dogs with pup hearts
10.  soft murmurs from my sleeping husband
11.  library books

12.  family movie night
13.  soup and bread for supper
14.  homemade

What gifts has God given you today?


Cathy said...

Let's see...

1. Living on the side of a mountain in WV.

2. Having money in the bank...even if it isn't much.

3. Warmth!

4. Meat in the freezer and plenty of food in the pantry.

5. A modest income.

6. Family and friends that love me.

7. A reliable car.

8. Plenty of pioneer reading to do.

It isn't a huge list but at least you have me thinking in the right direction. What a great post to make us think!

Laura said...

Thanks, Cathy! There will be more Eucharisteo to come! :) You sound truly blessed....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding us Laura,I too often forget to thank God for my many blessings
1. My 2 year old granddaughter's birthday party where my whole family will be together.
2. My little apartment which is warm and cozy
3. A full fridge and beginning to be full pantry
4. A new Janette Oke bool to read, They Called Her Mrs. Doc
love and God bless,


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