Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What if?

What if I were to start this up again?

What if I were to take a different turn with it - more personal, less homestead-ish?

I wonder...would anyone come back?

Should I change the name, or leave it be?

What would you want to know?

What would you want to see?

What if.....


Leah Spencer said...

I'm completely in that spot. Do I keep on going? Do I start somewhere else? Do I bother?

Paula said...

Totally by chance I checked your blog this morning to see if you had posted. Yes - please continue. You have fabulous ideas and now I have a grandbaby who is 3 and I am always thinking - what did Cat do with Kit when she was this age?

Hoping all is well in your world!

Anonymous said...

Yes,please,keep on ! I have ground beef packages in my freezer with nary a spot of freezer burn thanks to you and so much more !
Love and God bless,

Laura said...

I know I won't post as frequently - I simply don't have the time, but I do miss communicating and sharing with my friends! Thank you for the encouragement, everyone!


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