Friday, January 4, 2013

Goals for January 1-5

Annual resolutions have never worked for me. Weekly goals, however, work really well, so here are my goals for the first (partial) week of January:

Faith and Family
> continue with daily devotionals
> write two encouraging notes to church members/friends
> pray daily for my husband
> first sewing lesson with my daughter

House and Home
> straighten/organize craft area in the basement
> call about oven repair
> work on organizing home library - clear off reading table
> work up a weekly home care plan for homemaker's binder
> whiten tile (grout) in master bath
> dust wood blinds (one of my least favorite jobs)
> work at least two rows per day on afghan for bedroom

Personal and Health
> drink three (16oz.) glasses of water per day
> do daily stretches
> use book The Solution to work out healthier lifestyle plan
> three walks
> 7+ hours of sleep per night
What are your goals for the week?


Anonymous said...

I have but one this week,to.discipline myself enough to write goals down. I seem to have a fear of the blank page. I really love your categories and may borrow them.
Love and God bless,

Laura said...

Thanks, Helen! I will post this week's goals soon, likely tomorrow. I don't want everything to post on Sunday, you know? So that probably means that our menu will be posted mid-week, hee hee. Thanks for your comment!!


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