Monday, February 6, 2012

Seeing Red

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Um...yeah.  The other title for this post could be, "How to get yourself nominated for Barn Cat". 

One of our recent science activities for DD's school was to whip up a batch of nice red water, put a celery stalk in it, and then observe to see what happens.  We did that.  I *thought* we were going to see streaks of red travel up the celery stalk and into the leaves.  I bet you thought that too. 

You and I, we were both wrong.  Instead, what we saw was that a certain very naughty kitty decided to play in the nice red water.  Then, that same certain kitty decided to prance along the bay window for a while.


And yes, I've already scrubbed that.  See, when you build your own house, there are things (like putting the polyurethane on the bay windowsill) that you're going to get to...some day.  Argh.

The proof is in this photo...but the photo is lousy because I'm trying to wrestle an 11 pound cat and hold the camera at the same time.  Suffice to say that her front paws are red.  Very, very red.


You'll note in this photo that under normal circumstances (and yes, this photo is representative of normal circumstances in our home), Tallulah Mae's front paws are very definitely not red.


I have a barn.  Tallulah Mae has never actually *seen* it, but that may change very soon.

Off to google 'wood bleaching agents',
-Laura at TenThingsFarm


Carolyn Renee said...

Oh my. Does your kitchen need a little bit of color? Say a red-tint stain for your window sill?

Our cats cannot be trusted around glasses of water.....same thing would have happened here, with the addition of the glass being tipped over just so the feline could watch the water dripping over the ledge.

Kellie said...

you could probably take that to CA and sell it as "abstract art" and make millions! LOL!

Clint Baker said...

Oh my! Thats too funny!

CrankyPuppy said...

Oh, goodness! I hope you're able to get that out of the wood. I know a certain feline that would be in the "dog house" for awhile.

Stopping by from the Barn Hop and following up on the comment you left on my blog (thanks!) I'm in love with your Tallulah widget. I'll have to see if I can make a Domino widget for my blog.

Anonymous said...

But she looks so sorry!!!!
Hey Laura,I've missed you!
Never thought til now to check here!
Send me an email if you can!
Love and God bless,


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