Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy News! She's Laying!


This past week has been a blur, and in that blur, our hen turkey began laying.  This is her first ever egg.  Isn't it beautiful?  Unfortunately, we have had temps in the low teens at night, so this egg was frozen...and cracked.  That's why it looks a little shiny - it's sweating because it's warmer in our house. 

Since it had cracked, I went ahead and opened it up and left it in a bowl to thaw out.  Tell me...do you think those spots are where it's fertilized?  I know our tom has been mating with her, but I'm not sure if this is a fertility spot or something else. 


The dark shadow behind the yolk to the upper right is a spoon.  I couldn't get the angle right to photograph the spots without the spoon in there.  But what do you think?  Could it be?  Was it fertile?  Because it was frozen, we know it wasn't viable, but we are excited all the same.  Because of our very cold temperatures at night right now, I'm gathering her eggs as she lays them and holding them at about 55 degrees (our basement) until I have a few, then I'll put them in the incubator. 

We are hopeful that our hen will set her own brood as well, but we will also do some incubation to maximize the number of poults we are able to get.  So...what's 'cookin' (har har) at your homestead?

Happy happy,
-Laura at TenThingsFarm


lilbitfarms said...

Those look like they may be blood spot - totally normal and usually random. From what I have seen in online photos, a fertilized egg usually has a small, almost whitish disk that would be where the embryo would grow. Here's a link: http://www.thepoultrysite.com/articles/1459/embryonic-development-day-by-day

Good luck with your turkeys - that is a beautiful egg!

Clint Baker said...


Ten Things Farm said...

Thanks for the info, lilbitfarms! I see those whitish spots you speak of in our chicken eggs all the time. Now I feel silly, because all along, I have been thinking that only the ones with the little red spot were fertilized. We are still in some cold night weather, so I may have another turkey egg or two to check before this is all over.

Thanks to you too, Clint! We are pretty excited around here. :)


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