Sunday, February 12, 2012

February Goals and Plans

I suppose I should get this posted before the month is completely gone, yes?  But...what about January's goals.  Did I accomplish all that I set out to do?

This will be a combo post - I'll tell you what I did (and didn't do), along with what I have planned (and ongoing) for February.

Hubby and I never did get that date.  I think that the reality that we haven't done that in so long contributed to my lack of follow through.  Also, the lady that is going to keep DD when we go out had a sick baby...followed by getting sick herself.  That also contributed to our date-less month.  For February I am waiting to hear back from my friend about which evening will work for her.  Hubby and I have a groupon to a local, awesome Mexican restaurant that is known for great food and great margaritas.  We might even go to a bookstore afterward.

The room where we homeschool is looking really good!  Meanwhile, I've pretty much decided to move the classroom to another area.  It will be brighter and more spacious, plus it will be out of the library.  That will make room for more shelving in the library, which will make the library easier to keep organized too.  It will be a better use of all our space.  We'll leave things they way they are for now and do the moving this summer...unless I get extra inspired!  I've gotten a lot of book weeding done, and DD and I have done all sorts of fun activities together.

I've lost a  little weight, which is better than gaining a little weight, but I still need to be more disciplined about drinking water.  All of the fruits and vegetables from Bountiful Baskets have helped me stay on track with eating more fruits and veggies, but I could definitely do better when it comes to healthy food choices and less snacking.  I'll keep at it!

Decluttering has gone really well.  We've taken some things to goodwill and sold a few things on craigslist and amazon too.  I never did get around to my 3 ring binders for recipes, menu plans and other household stuff.  It doesn't seem to be a priority, until I'm looking for 'that recipe'.  So that's still on my list to get done.

We are under an inch or so of snow and it's cold out, so I'm not setting any outdoor gardening goals for February.  I will start the paper and pencil planning for the garden, but it's a bit early for seedlings here.  Once I have a plan, I'll let you know what we plan to grow in the coming season.

For an at-home mom that doesn't do child care, I am happy with my progress in regard to income.  I subbed at the library on days when DD could go with me, or on days when she could stay home with Daddy.  It was only about 7 hours of subbing total, but I also did eight of the chicken programs.  Between the two, it's a nice bit of income.  I also sold some books we were done with - not exactly profit, but converting something back into useful cash is helpful too.  Same with selling items on craigslist that we no longer need.  It all adds up and it pus some money in our bank account.  Yay!  This month I have four more chicken programs, some more subbing, and I've got a few more things to put on craigslist for sale.  I never did get that article submitted to Yahoo Content - argh!  My goal for that is to get that one done along with another one.  I'm going to see if I can a little time tomorrow or the next day to dedicate to getting the first article completed/submitted and the next one started. 

That's the general idea, anyway.  What are you working on these days?

Busy days ahead,
-Laura at TenThingsFarm
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Clint Baker said...

I am working on keeping the house running while my wife is off in Oregon, she should be back today. I sure have learned to respect you women for all you do. I think I will take her out on a date when she gets home!

Ten Things Farm said...

That sounds like a thoughtful way to let her know you missed her, Clint. Good for you! :)

Laura@LivingOurWay said...

It sounds as if you are getting a lot of accomplished. My husband and I have two standing dates a year. Once for our anniversary/my birthday and one aound the time of valentines day. These two dates are about 6 months apart and since we know when they are coming, we make the date :-).

Ten Things Farm said...

Laura, we haven't dated in forever. DD is 6, and we have gone out without her one time...and it wasn't for long. Hopefully we'll get this date in soon! :)


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