Monday, January 16, 2012

This Week's Menu - 1/16 to 1/22

I've planned this menu from the fridge, pantry and freezer. My grocery list was: 1 mushroom, for my saimin on the weekend. Don't get me wrong, we also picked up some fig bars and graham crackers, but all I needed to make the meals this week was that 1 mushroom. Yay! I'm linking up to Menu Plan Monday too.

Breakfasts (some will repeat)
peanut butter toast, bananas (the bananas from Bountiful Baskets are ripe and tasty)
cold cereal, milk, fruit
eggs, toast, tangelos
oatmeal with applesauce and raisins, milk

leftovers from previous suppers when available
garden salad, cheese and crackers, tangelos
tuna salad sandwich, side salad, apples
PBJ, carrot sticks, fresh fruit

smoked sausage, roasted winter vegetables, green beans, cucumbers, fruit salad
hamburger helper lasagna, garden salad, peach cobbler
kahlua pig, rice, potato salad, kimchee, dilly beans, peach cobbler
taco salad, chips and salsa, tangelo wedges
bean w/bacon soup, BLT sandwiches, sliced cucumbers, apple pie
saimin w/vegetables and ham, apple pie
leftovers/go out

We still have plenty from Bountiful Baskets, so I'll continue to eat salad every day at lunch, even if I'm having leftovers. We are not ordering a new basket for Saturday pickup, because I'm not sure we'll be able to handle that much more produce so soon. We have been eating plenty of fresh foods, but there are only three of us, so it takes a while. So far nothing has spoiled, so that's great news. We'll see if we can get those foods eaten in time - I'll let you know.

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