Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thinking about blogging...again.

I didn't mean to take a nine month break from blogging - really, I didn't. A few times I've thought I should get back to it, but I wasn't sure what to post. There has been plenty going on (it would take me 9 months to catch you up!), and maybe that was part of the problem - so much to do, so little time.

That said, I think I miss it, and I KNOW I miss y'all. There are some kind souls who have checked back regularly to see if I was here, even after months and months. Thank you - it means a lot to me that you took a moment to pop in and see!

I guess this is my 'toe in the water' post, to see if this is something I want to add back to my routine. And a post to just say Hi - I missed you!

Hi - I missed you!

More soon,


Carolyn Renee said...

Welcome back! Blogging can take up a lot of time, and there is ALWAYS something more important to do.....but I usually end up blogging anyhow. So what's that say about MY priorities? HA! I'm a blog addict. Come back with all your stories, or just pop in and say hi. We'll still be here!

K said...

I hope you do start blogging again! I missed your posts.

Jane said...

Hi,welcome back,I have also come back from a long absence,and think I may be starting to blog again too,I have missed it ! Blessings jane

Anonymous said...

Yes, dear, please come back to the blog world. I would hate it if I couldn't see you SOMEwhere. :)

gram said...

Just stopped by to see what you are up to. Gram

The Prairie Homemaker said...

PLEASE start blogging again! I miss you!

Sandra said...

I add my vote - come back. Post when you to hear your voice.

Dawn said...

I've missed your upbeat post, so please do come back!!!

mentalutopia said...

Yay yay yay yay yay yay yay!!!!! Did I say yay?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am so glad you are blogging again! I've checked back hopefully now and then, and today, Surprise!! I'll have to read through everything new to catch up :).



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