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Journal - 1/27/11

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This day started cold and windy.  Chores were 'a chore', but all the birds and pets were happy to see me and have their breakfasts.  Our tom turkey (I still haven't named them) showed me his plumage again this morning, but tucked his feathers down when the feed hit the feed pan...he was happy for some milled corn and feed.

Today was town day.  We met a friend early in the morning so she could get eggs from us.  She lives far from us, so we always find a day and time to meet when we'll both be in town.  She is happy to have the eggs and I am happy to have the top shelf of my refrigerator empty.

There were some bargains to be had around town.  One item we planned to purchase was out, but we were told they will be fully stocked tomorrow. (If not, I'll get a rain check.) We got 3.5 oz packages of pepperoni for .50, a quart of chocolate soy milk for .09 along with some gum that was free after coupons.  We liked the soy milk, and I have more coupons, so I'll get some more tomorrow and it will be our milk for the coming week or so. 

We always check the markdown corner because you just never know what you might find.  This time, there were 15oz. cans of black eyed peas seasoned with bacon for .29 each and 5oz. cans of StarKist tuna for .29 as well.  I asked a clerk (who was adding bakery items to the shelf) why the tuna was there, because the date on it was late 2014, none of the cans were dented or anything, and I was curious.  He told me that the shelf in the aisle was full, and these did not fit.  There weren't enough for an end display, so the manager had them marked down.  The black eyed peas were the last from a New Year promotion, and the date on those is also 2014.  So now we are well-stocked on both.    At the bread outlet we stocked bagels, thin-slice bread and English muffin at bargains prices - .50 a loaf for bread, .66 a pack for bagels and 1.00 for the English muffins.

The main event of the day was a bowling get-together with friends from the virtual school that DD attends.  It was a lot of fun.  Since DD was the only girl, she wanted me to bowl too.  She bowled a 78, and I bowled a 79, lol.  I was trying hard, too!  We had a lot of fun and decided that we probably won't go professional just yet, hee hee. 

We dropped of donations at Goodwill, and I found 9 more pint canning jars while we were there.  We dropped off recycling too, and stopped at the downtown library to pick up some supplies for this weekend's chicken programs.  We did a few other errands too, including mailing a package and picking up some chocolate.  It was a busy, but very good day.

I've got a new little project started, just to see what happens.  I saved the little base from a couple of stalks of celery.  I soaked them in water for a few days and they began to sprout, so now I have them set into some very wet potting soil.  I want to see if they will take root the way the end of an onion will.  If they do, I will plant them out in the garden when the weather warms.  Our growing season is not long enough for celery, but started bunches might make it just fine. 

Tomorrow we have two libraries to visit with our chickens.  The car is loaded (except for the chickens, of course!) and I have the cleaned cages all ready to go.  I'm sure it will be another busy, fun day.

Enjoy your weekend!
-Laura at TenThingsFarm

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