Friday, January 6, 2012

Goals for 2012

I didn't make resolutions for the new year - I've never kept them all that long, and wanted to try something new. Instead, I spent some time thinking about priorities, changes that align with my priorities, and I set some goals. Once I got all that done, I broke them down into more managable bits - I'll share some of January's with you here.

First though, these are my goals for 2012:

Relationship. Start dating again, specifically, dating my wonderful husband. Just the two of us. We haven't done that in a very long time.

Parenting/Schooling. Continue to learn, continue to teach, continue to enjoy my daughter for who she is and what she is all about.

Health. Improve it. Mainly, continue shrinking.

House and Home. Mostly maintenance and some tweaking. And decluttering. Oh, the decluttering.

Farm and Garden. Continue with what we have, make some improvements, and add on, just a little. And decluttering.

Income. Increase it. Continue to use what we have as good stewards.

* * *

"The Bits" of these for January:

-Make a list of fun, frugal date night ideas.
-Talk to a friend that I trust about a babysitting trade once a month.

-"Cute up" our homeschool classroom.
-De-clutter library/homeschool classroom.
-Weed out library books (round 2).
-Do special 'extra' activities once a week.

-Get enough sleep. (This is one of my favorites!)
-Drink at least 48 oz. water each day, shooting for 64oz.
-Read up on stress-reducing technique called EFT and try it out.
-Reduce carbs, no snacking after supper.
-Get back into a healthy routine, since Christmas was pretty much a treat-fest.

House and Home.
-Decluttering in library/classroom, play room, master bath and master bedroom.
-Make a 3-ring binder with my menu rotation and the recipes for it.
-Same binder, add a general cleaning plan/routine.

Farm and Garden.
-Clean out the hen house.
-Spread compost on the garden.
-Till compost into garden soil, weather permitting.

-Read How to Write a Book Proposal.
-List weeded out books from our library on Amazon (those that will sell for enough to make it worthwhile).
-Write and submit 1 article as a Yahoo Contributor.
-List 10 'declutter' items on craigslist.
-Sub/work at the library as scheduled, based on availability.

I'll report back next week with my January progress, so far. What about you? Did you set goals for the year? What do you hope to change or accomplish in 2012?

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Jane said...

Well you are going to be busy in a good way...and I hopre you reach all your goals, as for me I don't have a lot of resolutions for the new tear, I do plan to enjoy my blog and others this year,more than last year,simply by being more relaxed ,not sticking to a routine written in stone... I think I will enjoy my blogging experience that way.,I do plan to lose some weight,by exercising more... Blessings Jane


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