Wednesday, April 6, 2011

No Place Like Home!

I love stay-at-home days. We had a productive one today (and it's not over yet!)

Before I forget, the old freezer is finally empty, unplugged, and off the grid! I hope that shows up as savings on our electric bill.

Today was a baking day. I made two loaves of whole grain bread and a little pan of low fat brownies. I also made a pot of soup for Friday. It's so pretty, like a vegetable soup rainbow. Little Bit and I worked on sorting out all her toys today, but right now, we're in the 'it gets worse before it gets better' stage. We're making progress, though.

We're seeing some wee seedlings in the greenhouse - endive is up, and maybe some other lettuces (or maybe some weeds). Bo, our neighbor dog came to visit today, and so did a good friend of mine. It's nice to have company, even though the house was a mess. Good friends understand that sort of thing.

I made quite a few phone calls today, and got to talk for a while with my mama (who called me). I learned a few things about the local building code as far as garages are concerned, and I found out that the price of chicken/duck feed is about the same as last time I went. It's not quite time to go for more, but it will be soon.

I cut my hair, and it looks much better than it has of late. I got the house cleaned too, and we got 11 eggs from the chickens and 2 from the ducks. All in all, it was a good, busy day.

How was your day? What did you do?


Carolyn Renee said...

Went to the park to meet up with some other homeschooling families, planted some onion sets (finally!) and am now going back & forth from the barn like every ten minutes because we've got a doe that's due to kid any day.

Yep, no place like home(stead)!

Jennie said...

Any plans to bury that old freezer in the ground and turn it into a root cellar?
Just a thought.

Ten Things Farm said...

Goodness, no! We have a root cellar, and I don't feel like digging such a big hole, hee hee! It is a good thought though, if we didn't have a cellar already. I am wondering about using it to store grain in the winter or something like that.


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