Monday, April 4, 2011


My, but we are busy these days. I just don't have the spare time for taking, uploading, adjusting, and downloading photos these days. Thinking of fascinating topics (no, I'm not saying the stuff I've posted in the past is all that fascinating either) is more than I can handle I'm going to try a different approach for a bit, where I will do a journal entry to sum up the day.

This one, however, will be to sum up the last while! Here goes...

We have had a bit of snow here and there, and we welcome the moisture. We could use a lot more moisture in just about any form. The soil is really dry. Not the best news when we're getting close to planting time.

The greenhouse is about half planted, and a few things are beginning to peek out of the soil. The endive is sprouting, as is the mache/corn salad. I'm hoping the other lettuces will make their appearance soon, as well as the kale, spinach and sugar snap peas. We put up six 'wall o water' setups in there, and I've planted tomatoes in four of them (roma, oregon spring and marybeth) and ground cherries in the other two. I've planted 5 little spots with peppers as well - peter pepper, early jalapeno, sheepnose pimento, medium hot hungarian wax, and chinese giant. When I read that long list, I'm amazed that we still have some space in there!

The hens and ducks are laying fairly well. I have two broody hens - one who is brooding every day on a different empty nest, bless her heart. I think she missed a chapter in the 'how to be a broody hen' brochure. I gave the henhouse a thorough cleaning the other day. You'll think I'm crazy (and you may be right) but the shop vac was involved. However, now it's nice and clean, with the brooder set up in the corner, lots of fresh bedding - everything bright and clean - for a henhouse, at least!

I've gotten some things ready for the craft fair, but I still need to do a little sewing and label soaps. It's this Friday, so I best get a move on with that! I hope it's a good fair - proceeds are to help a food pantry, which is a good cause.

We are in the process of going down to just one freezer. We have a really, really old one that runs a lot, and we figure our electric bill will thank us for emptying it and shutting it off. I canned up 16 pints of turkey, just to make some room. I have the chest freezer just about as full as it can get, and I've brought as much as we thought prudent to the fridge freezer, but I still have some peaches in the old Kelvinator. So until I can find those peaches space in a freezer, every day is fruit smoothie day. If you're in the neighborhood, come on by - I'll make you one too!

Fruit is good for you,
-Laura at TenThingsFarm

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Anonymous said...

Wow, girl you been busy! I need to get to it and get busy too. You're motivating me! :D


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