Wednesday, April 13, 2011

From the Craft Fair

My, but you are a patient bunch of people! I am happy to share some photos from last weekend's craft fair with you. I remembered to take photos just before the whole thing ended, so my table is not as full as it was when I started. (yay!) I wasn't sure about being allowed to photograph what other vendors had, so here are the things from our table:

I still have some jewelry, keychains, and rainbow crystals...



...someone sweet...


...something sticky-sweet...


...washcloths and soaps to get clean...





...and aprons to stay clean!


I had a nice time and met some truly delightful people. The traffic in and out of this craft fair has lots of room for growth, but many of the people who came did make purchases. I sold a good bit of soap, honey and jewelry, along with a few things that sold out completely. Little Bit is a fantastic assistant, and earned herself a tidy commission as well. I know we won't do 'the circuit', but we may try for 3 to 4 craft fairs per year, just for fun.

Do you shop at craft fairs? Do you sell at them? Share your experiences in the comments - I'd love to hear them!

-Laura at TenThingsFarm


Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

Absolutely gorgeous items you have there, Dearie! Your talent never ceases to amaze me.

I love to go to craft fairs. I can spend hours wandering around looking at all the creative stuff. I've never sold anything at one, because...well, I'm just not creative enough to make anything to sell!

Anonymous said...

Wow, lovely stuff, Laura! I can see why you were able to sell a lot. :)

Hey---I love how you put the covers on the soap. Nice. :)

Ten Things Farm said...

Y'all are so sweet - thank you! I wish you could have seen Little Bit working - she let everyone know that it was 'okay' to smell...and buy...the soap. :)

Prairie Homemaker said...

I LOVE the Raggedy!
I have never done craft fairs, I just do not have that much talent. My dad and step mom used to, they did ceramics. I have a cookie jar they made. Well the jar part, the top broke when the shelf collapsed.


Cfosterart said...

I like to visit several craft shows a year for purchasing gifts. I really only buy handmade soaps and lotions for myself. Well...the exception is if I ever see a dish towel with the crocheted top on it. I love those things!

Anonymous said...

I like to go to craft fairs and look. I don't often buy - lack of funds. I have never sold at one - lack of talent.

Your items are beautiful as well as practical. I like earrings so I probably would have splurged and picked out a pair. Glad you were to do well.


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