Monday, April 18, 2011

Bird Watching


One warm, sunny day in the not-too-distant past, we went to the nature center to do some bird-watching.


Due to budget cuts, the visitor center was closed, but we were still free to roam the trails and observe the songbirds.

Bird watching requires a level of patience, stillness and quiet that Little Bit is still working at. However, since this is a well-used nature center, I think the birds are a bit more forgiving of talkative, wiggly children. We saw many different birds, and heard even more in the distance.


We hiked some trails and walked along the creek. It is early in the season. Nevertheless, we spotted butterflies, saw lots of budding trees and enjoyed the wonderfully honey-like scent of the cottonwood buds that are just about to open. All in all, it was a wonderful day!



Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

Is that a rare species of Robin in that first photo? ;) I bet the clatter and notes it was creating were beautiful.

Little Bit is getting so tall! She'll be taller than her mama before too long. teehee

Hugs and glad you and your precious family had a lovely day.

Ten Things Farm said...

Actually, that bird in the first photo is the common birdicus goodwillicus. We have several of them living around our home...hee hee.

And you're right, she is growing like a cute little weed!

Anonymous said...

Ahh yes, the birdicus

Love nature days! :D


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