Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Tip - Better Pizza by Accident!

The other day when I was cookin' up a storm, I didn't plan very well for oven time. I was recycling some leftovers into pizzas and making an apple pie.

It turned out to be a very happy accident!

I had made some homemade pizza dough, and while it was rising I started on the pie. Put the pie in the oven, punched down the dough, rolled it out, brushed it with olive oil and made it into pizzas.

Usually, I put the pizzas right into the oven - that's what I've always done - but I couldn't. There was a pie in there...and it still had 30 minutes to go. Plus, the pie bakes at 375, and I bake the pizzas at 425 or hotter.

There wasn't much to do but wait, so I just left the pizzas on top of the stove while the pie finished up. And while the pizzas sat there for half an hour, the dough rose perfectly. It was the best I've ever had a homemade crust turn out. Light, chewy, very, very nice.

So the next time you make homemade pizza, make it early and give the crust some time to rise. I know I will from now on!

Note: The crust recipe I use can be found here. Thank you, Jay, whoever you are! And duh...it says right in the recipe to let it rise 15-20 minutes. All I'd ever done is copy down the ingredients and then wing it. Still...I stand by this tip, mostly because I took the time to type it out, hee hee.

Happy Homemaking!
-Laura at TenThingsFarm


Jane said...

It's nice when good things happen when your not expecting them. I haven't tryed the pizza dough yet,but am still making bread and so far it is always good. Blessings jane

Ten Things Farm said...

Good for you, Jane! I'm glad you've continued with the bread. Are you getting more comfortable with yeast? ;)

Gill - That British Woman said...

great tip, I haven't made pizza dough in a long time.

Thanks also for the info on the Bee Pollen.......still not a new woman yet, here's hoping soon though!!

Gill in Canada

Anonymous said...

Pizza dough performs even better if you refrigerate it overnight (I sort of know because I buy refrigerated pizza dough from local bakers at my supermarket and it works SO much better than a dough I make at home and use right away)

here is a link that backs up the refrigerating theory


(It is way too complicated for me anyway but it reinforces the refrig theory :))

Ten Things Farm said...

Refrigeration and a slow rise makes sense, but truth be told, even with menu planning, I'm usually not quite that 'on the ball' with my prep. Getting it done same day is more my speed, hee hee. :)


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