Monday, March 14, 2011

Country Kids

Little Bit has a good friend just across the field. Through the winter, they don't seen one another as much. Many of their get-togethers are spur of the moment, so there are more of them during warm weather, when everyone is outside more often.


Our last warm spell, they saw one another and ran to the fenceline.


They spent a little time catching up. Then our sweet neighbor crossed over to play for a while.

The weather is warming up! Are you out more? Do you see your neighbors more frequently? Isn't it nice to reconnect?

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Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

They are SO cute!

Leontien said...

We used to run over to our neigbors friends house all the time!

Thanks for sharing

Alla said...

Aren't they cute? Definitely looks like spring is coming.

Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

You must be keeping all that warm weather over there in the Rockies ~ it was snowing and sleeting with visibility less than 1/4-mile over here this morning. Heehee!

How wonderful that Little Bit has a playmate her own age. I can just hear their chatter now...solving all the world's problems, and all. Heehee!

Verde Farm said...

Oh so sweet! I bet they had a great day :)


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