Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Books for Farmin', Homesteadin' Dreamers

A couple weekends back, the new library out near us had a bag sale. Five bucks, all the books you can stuff in a bag - my kind of fun! I love books. I love how they feel, and smell, and how you don't need electricity or a gadget. (I'm sure readers are cool, but I love real books!)

I couldn't go to the book sale. Why? Because I was working at the library that day. I was, literally, fifteen feet from the book sale, and unable to attend. Hubby, on the other hand, was available - so he went for me.

And boy, howdy, did he do something great! He got his bag, looked around, and found a box on the floor in a corner with some interesting books in it:


He promptly took them from the box, and put them into his bag. He also got me a couple of Tae Bo tapes (I know, sooo 1991, but they still make me sore!) and a couple of books for Little Bit.

Awesome score! What's really cool is that there was only one that I already own! One of the books he picked up was about family wealth and making sure it gets from generation to generation. He read through it, and then we listed it and the duplicate book on Amazon. Both sold, and more than paid for the rest of them. YAY!

So...if you need me for anything, I'll be on the couch or out at the picnic table with my reading glasses and a book or two...or three!

And now, I need to know - what are your favorite, go-to books about small scale farming, homesteading, all that? Leave me a comment with the title and author, if you please!

Happy reading,
-Laura at TenThingsFarm

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Ruth @ Hope, Joy and Faith Farm said...

Oh wow... I'm envious. It's hard to find books like that at our book sales because people don't get rid of them very often. I had a similar experience though, at a sale a couple years ago. I found a stack of 12 of the Backwoods Home Anthologys, asked the lady how much, she said "$2", I said apiece, she said nope, all of 'em. I about choked, pulled it together and snatched 'em up. There were 5 of them that I didn't have and I sold the other 7 on E-bay for $81. Quite a nice profit!

Ten Things Farm said...

Ruth, that's fantastic! I love when that happens, don't you? You did very, very well!

Anonymous said...

Darlin' Daughter,

What a bargain!!!! I guess you know I sit and read while the dust and lint balls pile up around the house. Oh, well, when we clean up, they just come back again and you might not get a chance to read!!!

Aunt Laura sent me a bag of books that Vickie gave her and Carol gave Vickie and I will read them and take them to Book Rack and put them on my account and get a couple of bags of books for 4 for a dollar and I will end up taking less than 7 cents apiece off of my account. It stays at about $30. It sure beats buying a new one for 7 or 8 dollars. Keep up the good work.

Love, Mom

Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

Hi Dearie!

What a haul your hubby made for you! Go HubbyinHat!!

We have a few books on farmsteading, but one of our favorites is "The Self-Sufficient Live and How to Live It."

Enjoy all those gems!

Verde Farm said...

Wow-great hubby! You’ve got some awesome books here. What a find :)


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