Friday, February 11, 2011

Sew a tote, or two.

We are off at quilt group today - these are some of the things I took with me.

The mission was given a lot of fabric that isn't the right type for quilting - upholstery fabric, canvas, lightweight stuff that's perfect for lining. I'm using some of it to make tote bags. I don't have a lot of time to sew, but I'm trying to get some made that can be given to clients at the food pantry the mission sponsors.

I love the colors of this fabric, and it's the perfect weight for a tote.


Instead of lining it, I did enclosed seams.


It was quick to put together, and I have enough fabric for one more just like it.

Before you see this next one you just might want dim your computer screen. It's a bit...loud.


I have to admit, though, as loud as it is, I really love it! The colors really pop.


I lined it and put in pockets. I think I like it so much because I used the very last bits of things - there wasn't enough of any one to make a tote, but together, they are something useful, if a bit bright.



I have a selection of samples that I'm going to piece into totes, and I have some yardage as well. More soon!


Anonymous said...

So glad you blog is back in action! I love coming to "visit" whenever I need a restorative moment.

I just love that you are making these totes to go with the food closet. Very, very cool. I'd like to share the idea with my church's crafty group, if you don't mind.

Ten Things Farm said...

Certainly! It's a great way to use up fabrics that are too heavy for quilts....and also the fabrics that are too light make good linings. :)

sharon :) said...

Love the totes! Love the fabric! A couple of years ago, I made my dd's friends totes for Christmas...we added a custom cosmetic 'type' bag. For the totes, I used a medium/light weight denim fabric. For the handles/trim, I used plaid/floral fabric...they were awfully cute!
I used closed seams too. They take a bit longer, but look so nice and hold up so much better!

You are just so crafty & thrifty! I, too, am glad your blog is back....

sharon in alabama :)

Ten Things Farm said...

Thanks, Sharon! I may do some denim/flannel ones in a rag quilt style too. I think messenger bags done like that would be awesome. I also think the prototype should be made so my laptop fits into it, heehee. ;)

Gill - That British Woman said...

what a great idea and very environmental also.

Gill in Canada


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