Saturday, January 15, 2011

We're Down with OPD.


This is Bo. He's new!


Sometimes he reminds me so much of our border collie, Max, that I almost cry. Okay, I've cried over it a couple of times. Max was a good, good dog. I am not sure of Bo's breed (or blend of breeds), but he is definitely a herding dog...and a sweetie.

He belongs to our neighbor across the road, but any time we step out the door, he is over here in a flash. I'm pretty sure we've been adopted.


He's a sweet little guy, still a pup, a bit on the noisy side.


When the Sherriff's Deputy was here about the Chapstick Bandits, Bo barked at the Deputy. Sssh, Bo! (The bandits did their dirty deeds on a very cold night, so Bo was indoors, and unable to warn us all of the lurking menace.)

In a lot of ways, this works OK for us right now. Our neighbors know that we're borrowing their dog for these little visits, teaching him to 'sit' (well, working on it anyway), and that he goes with us on our walks. He's good with our chickens and ducks, and friendly with all three of us. He actually will bark if someone comes up (like an egg customer), but it's just a 'someone is here' sort of bark. We have a bit of guard dog without all the big have-a-dog responsibilities and expenses.


You know, when you're heading out to the henhouse in the morning, it's just nice that someone is so happy to see ya. :)


Prairie Homemaker said...

We have a galoot like that. He does not come near us, but he sleeps on our porch at night we think.

he is a huge monster of a dog that is one of the neighbors. If given the right encouragement I know he would be the world's largest lap dog!

He is such a silly fellow!

Ten Things Farm said...

That's too funny. Bo would walk right in the house if we'd let him, and he seems so genuinely happy to see us whenever we're outside. It's nice!

Scottish Witch said...

You have a Australian Shepherd (or mixed one)!

We just aquired one too. He's adorable! Congratulations!

Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

Well, it took me three reads to finally 'get' the OPD. Oy! I'm slow, I know.

I love the fact that Bo is blessing you with so much love until you find the perfect canine version of a fur baby for your very own!

Ten Things Farm said...

I know...I'm pretty dorky when it comes to blog entry titles. My dear friend "Miss Amazing" had something to do with that one.


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