Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Fog

Snow, snow pretty...






Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

So close to the Rockies, and this big storm, and you have no snow on the ground?!

I think you sent it all this way. We've gotten record-breaking snowfall, windchill advisories and flood warnings...ice jams are causing the river to flood.

I do think freezing fog is one of God's coolest creations, don't you?!

Ten Things Farm said...

Well...we do have a little snow on the ground - you really can't tell in the tall grass, and then in other places, it is clean here, drifted there, but no, not a lot of snow.

As for God's creations, the frozen fog always makes me smile...especially when the chicken wire over our henhouse run gets a good coating! :)

You stay warm and safe, girlie! Sounds like you're 'having some weather'!!

Laurie and Bill said...

Your pictures are beautiful.

We're having record breaking snow fall this year in the northeast. And technically, it's still early winter.

Ten Things Farm said...

Thanks, Laurie and Bill! My hubby was just telling me that currently, we have snow in 49 states. Only Florida is without snow! Amazing. We wouldn't mind a bit more, for we need the moisture - I know this season has been particularly hard on the eastern and southern states. I'll keep all y'all in my prayers!


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