Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Household Tips for Tuesday

I'm a fan of the steel wool scouring pads...right up until the time they start rusting. Then, I think they're kinda gross. However, if you store your steel wool pad in the freezer, it doesn't get a chance to rust. When you take it out to use it, it thaws/melts right away, so there's no delay to the scrubbin'.

Bonus tip from my mama: Save your eggshells, crush them up and put them in your garden. Tomatoes absolutely love them, so if you know where the tomatoes will be planted in the spring, put your eggshells there! We rinse ours and give them back to the hens to help them keep thick, hard shells on the eggs they lay - that's another option!

One of the ladies at Prairie Homemaker mentioned that furniture polish does a great job on mirrors and windows. At least, I think it was mirrors and windows. I've tried mirrors, and it works great! If I ever get around to washing windows When I wash windows, I'll report back then, OK?

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chrisnallynkids said...

oh I'm gonna start saving my egg shells!

Anonymous said...

THAT is a good piece of advice about the scouring pads. I always throw them away whether they are rusty or not, because I know they will be soon. Thanks for sharing how I can extend the life of my SOS pads! :D



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