Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Growing Things

With the cold, wintry, blustery weather of late, it's hard to imagine that it's really time to start thinking...or at least dreaming...about a new gardening season. For now, we are mostly enjoying our tiny bit of an indoor garden.

This is the miniature rose that Hubby got me last year for Valentine's Day. We left it out for some early cold weather and dormancy, but we had an early winter warm spell and it began to sprout. We brought it inside, and it is leafing out nicely.


Aren't the Santa gnomes cute? Little Bit and I made them as a holiday craft project - easy and fun!

We have some fresh herbs indoors this rosemary I was given for Mother's Day. It struggled with coming indoors, but seems to be some better now.


I am terribly cheap stupendously frugal, so the other day when I purchased green onions, I saved the root ends and planted them in my herb pot. They should supply us with green onion tops through the remaining winter months. We also planted seed for some dill, basil, cilantro and parsley, which should sprout soon.



The thyme seems to be enjoying some time indoors, and is thriving in the dinig room window. The only thing that is doing poorly is the peppermint. I transplanted it from the ground into a pot. It seems very unhappy. I am not sure if it's the rich (alpaca enhanced) soil that I used, the transplanting, the window, or what, but the peppermint is not thriving. Any tips?

Meanwhile, the whole cycle takes a major upturn very, very soon.


I love perusing the catalogs. My shopping list is very short (seed potatoes in red, blue, gold and white), but I still love reading all the descriptions, seeing all the varieties, and dreaming about that garden that does not exist - the one where everything grows well (except the weeds), we get the perfect amount of water, and the deer/rabbits/bugs all go elsewhere.

There is plenty to do between now and planting - I didn't even take up the soaker hoses and mulch last fall. I have to plan, start seedlings, pull back mulch, till...many, many chores. But for now, I'll enjoy my indoor plants, a mug of cocoa and a few seed catalogs to dream with.


Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

Um, yeah. I am so not ready to think about gardening just yet.

You can't kill mint, Girl. Ya just can't! It won't die. I bet if you just let it be and give it time to adjust to its new environment, it will kick into overdrive once again.

Good luck!

Ten Things Farm said...

I know! I don't feel ready either, and the garden still looks like November.

The mint looks even worse this I may have managed to accomplish something no one else has...meh.

Love you!

Amy M said...

I am soo thrilled that you are blogging regularly!
I would like to get into a little gardening but I would not know where to begin. MIL and FIL usually have a small veggie garden so maybe they could teach me.

Ten Things Farm said...

You can do it, Amy! You would be wise to talk to your in-laws, especially if they gardened the the climate/area where you live. Each area is different, so someone local can be a real blessing when it comes to advice and tips.

And...I think Jalene might be wrong about 'You can't kill mint..' It's looking pretty bad!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back to blogging!
I always loved reading your blog.


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