Thursday, February 4, 2010

Where are You?

I have a question.

I've been playing around for a few minutes, tapping 'next blog', in the upper left corner and realizing that there are a lot of blogs out there. When I see all the knitting blogs, family blogs, motorcycle blogs, fashion blogs...well, it's a miracle that anyone besides my mom ever gets around to reading this. And you know what, that 'next blog' button is just for Blogger, so there are even more!

When I moderated a couple of comments a few minutes ago, one of the kind-hearted souls who took the time to comment here is in India. How cool is that? And how does someone in India or Scotland or Indiana for that matter, end up here?

So now I'm curious. Where are you? I don't need your address (I'm not a stalker), but I'd love to know where you are in this world. If you're feeling chatty, I'm also wondering how in the world you found me.

Let the posting of comments commence!


Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

Well, you already know where I am and how God led me to you ~ after being separated at birth and all, you know! Heehee!

I get comments posted on my blog, too, from India and Russia and the UK. I never 'approve' them, though, as I figure they are the result of a spam search bot.

Anonymous said...

I adore your blog. It was posted on a message board and I've been reading ever since. You seem to have it all together!!! I'm starting a veggie garden this year because of your blog:D I'm also thinking of making my own blog. I'm in San Francisco, CA

April said...

I am in MI. I don't remember how I found your blog! :)

mentalutopia said...

I found you through Prairie Homemaker and am physically located in Wisconsin. But one of the cooking blogs I visit is written by a woman in Mumbai--and it's not even an Indian cooking blog. It's a small world after all.

Scottish Witch said...

I found your blog from a message board we are mutual members of. Been reading it ever since.

I'm in Toronto Ontario Canada.

Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage said...

Tennessee!! :)

K said...

Washington, and PH. You know :)

Laurie said...

I visit you every day:) Although I don't always comment, Cat! I found you from Prairie Homemaker. You are an inspiration to me. You do so many 'really cool' things.

Oh, yeah, I'm from upstate New York (snow capital of the world)!


I don't remember where I found you! But I keep coming back, I enjoy all your posts. I am in Columbia, Missouri where it is cloudy & dreary lately. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm in Kentucky and I don't remember how I came across your blog, but I enjoy reading. Thanks. :)

Wildflower said...

I'm in the 'burbs south of Denver. I can't remember how I found your blog - maybe when I was searching for homemade gift jars a little before Christmas.

GrammyGoo said...

I found you through Prairie Homemaker too! I am in Massachusetts.

I adore your blog. Faith, Family and Frugality.... My grand-daughters love to read over my shoulder if I am reading Cat in the Hat's Blog hehe.
Hugs, GG

Toni said...


The Frugal Fraulein said...

I am in Olympia, WA and found your blog on someone else's blog list. Can't remember which one now. You write about things dear to my heart so I am a follower.
Hey I am offering my first give a way on my blog. If you are interested in a handmade fabric flower brooch to doll up your gardening overalls check it out!

lindaharper said...

I found your blog when you talked about making your own pots for seeds probably last March (2009). I've enjoyed reading it ever since. I'm in South Carolina!

klutzymama said...

Hope, Indiana. Pop. 2000.
I found you because you commented on my blog and I'm glad you did because I love reading your blog! :-)

desert said...

in new mexico
and i know you from the tavern

tenthingsfarm said...

OK, y'all. If it wasn't so late, I'd reply to all these right now, but as it is, I still need to tidy house, and since I spent the better part of the day taking my little sickie to the doctor and running errands, I still have to prepare storytime for the library tomorrow. Little Bit is on the mend - not to worry.

I have GOT to come back to some of these!


Anonymous said...

I got to know you through Prairie Homemaker. I am located in rural south Georgia hence the signature. I love your blog. I have learned a lot and enjoyed watching Kitten grow.


Tara said...

Iowa ♥

Lamb said...

I'm in Texas (currently), but as you know, my location is ALWAYS subject to change!
Met ya on The Gulch!
Also met my Darlin' Man on DO know we are getting hitched late in the Spring/Early Summer, don't ya?

Amanda said...

Met you through Prairie Homemaker ~ read every day ~ don't always comment ~ love your blog :) ~ I'm from Scotland ~ constantly struggling with frugality, body clutter and pet hair on the furniture :)

Anonymous said...

I'm in Greeley, CO. Found you on PH--read your stuff nearly every day!!

tenthingsfarm said...

Thank you all for your replies - some of you I know - in real life even - and some of you I feel like I've known for a long, long time.

I want to reply to a few of these...

J, I have had some of those robot replies too - this was a real live person! :)

Anonymous, in San Francisco - I have a dear friend that grew up in SF, and she's an avid gardener. If you have any questions, I bet she'll know the answers! I bet it's a wonderful place to garden. I wonder if it's too cool for tomatoes?

April - just glad you're here! :)

E - It really is a small'd think there would be less dust!

Scottish Witch - Do you use a different name on the board? I'm not connecting the dots very well, even though I always enjoy reading your replies here. :)

Angie - I have family in TN too - not far from Paris.

Klutzymama, I found your blog via a blog list that Mel had up at PH. I've been quietly wondering if you post at PH, but I've been embarrassed to ask you, because I don't remember anyone there with that username. I have to look up your town - I lived in Indiana for a while (it's one of my favorite places!)

K, I do know! :)

Laurie, what a nice thing to say - can you make maple syrup up where you live? I have always wanted to try that. I have some maple sugar that a friend from Canada sent me, and I treat it as if it were gold.

Brush Family - I know - it's silly to ask because we all just sort of find one another along the way - glad you're here.

Anonymous - in Ky - My family moved to KY when I was 16 - I went to college there too. I have a lot of family in W. Ky.

Wildflower - we are practically neighbors!

GG - hug those grandbabies for me!

Toni - Hugs dearie! How's it all going? Still hoping for some blog news! ;)

Frugal Fraulein (that's hard to spell!) The flowers are so pretty - great job!

Linda - Those paper pots made around a soup can are great. I found one of the wooden 'makers' at Goodwill this past year - we'll see if they work any better.

Desert - I'm not on at the tavern much, but I love all y'all!

Tara, I peeked - I can't believe how your boys have grown!!

Georgia - the words 'rural south Georgia' just raised the humidity in my house! I'm not good in the humidity, and I don't know how y'all do it.

Lamb - I didn't know about the wedding! I knew you had mentioned someone a time or two - I'm so happy for you! Does he still post at the Gulch? Oh, and a correction - you and I go back before the Gulch existed! You know...that other site? tee hee.

Amanda - pet hair on the furniture is a universal truth!

Hm. I wonder if I'm allowed to make a comment that's this long?

tenthingsfarm said...

I am allowed - WooT!

Meanwhile, Greely isn't that far either! Well, compared to India. :)

klutzymama said...

I do not post at PH, in fact, I just "met" Mel last year when she started commenting on my blog occasionally. She's very sweet!
Where in Indiana did you live? We are about an hour south of Indy and about 15 or so minutes East of Columbus. I was born here and then we moved to Columbus-also considered a small town, but the population jumps up to about 40,000-(which is where my husband is from) when I was a teen. I moved back as soon as I could because I wanted to raise my kids here.

tenthingsfarm said...

Klutzy, I was born in Hammond, and when I was in middle school we lived in Portage. My BFF lives in Portage, and I have family east of there in Union Mills, LaPorte, etc.

Hubby has family in Crawfordsville, west of Indy. :)

Damien said...

I am in Malaysia. Found your blog thru NEXT BLOG button :)

tenthingsfarm said...

Cool, Damien! I checked your blogs - I have a friend in K-L that is Roman Catholic - what's it like to be Christian in a Muslim country? From what I understand, Malaysia is tolerant?

Anonymous said...

I'm from Michigan, as well... I followed the links on the sidebar of some site I stumbled across a few days ago. It's nice to meet you!


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