Saturday, February 6, 2010

Super Savings Saturday - oops!

In a fit of I-can't-stand-how-messy-my-purse-has-gotten, I inadvertenly burned my grocery receipts, along with all the expired coupons, old lists, phone numbers I didn't recognize, gum wrappers. I love my purse again, but I can't say to the penny just how much I've spent this past week.

Added to that, I didn't take grocery pictures. Sometimes, I just can't wait to take grocery pictures. Other times, I think hm...this is a picture of...groceries.

I can tell you that King Sooper (Kroger Affiliate) paid me to take Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers this week. I got some cheddar ones, some parmesan, and then some of the sweet flavors - graham cracker ones, cinnamon too! King Sooper also paid me to take some of the new Hormel Chicken Chili - one chipotle, one white chicken chili. Suave deodorant was free after coupons. There were great deals on other items too, and I used a lot of coupons this week. We stocked up on margarine (it's in the freezer), ice cream, some frozen 'steamers' vegetables, organic tomato paste, english muffins and other things I can't remember. All in all, a good week.

My favorite shopping related story of the week was at the bread outlet store. The cashier deserves an honesty award.

We stopped in because we were in the area, and realized that for the most part the deals were not good - not good at all! In the past, they had an offer where if you spent $5 you would get an item off the 'free' table.

A gentleman in the store commented, "I see you raised the purchase to $7 for the free table items. You're making it harder for us to get something free."

The clerk replied, "Not really, because we raised the prices on everything in the store."


So, in summary, I spent roughly $15 this week on groceries, and we got a lot of stuff. Sorry there are not pictures or exact amounts, but hey, some weeks are like that. How did you do this week?


Noelle said...

How did you keep a straight face after the bread outlet employee's comment.
I would have had to run to the car....FAST!

tenthingsfarm said...

I had to turn away, Noelle. It was so, so funny. The gentleman she was talking to was pretty amused too.

Saving Addiction said...

I love free things, getting paid is even better! I am going to stick around your site to find out what these 10 things are?? Cute site and name!

tenthingsfarm said...

Glad to have you here, Saving Addiction! We live on a little hobby farm, I'm a SAHM with a four year old, and we're always doing something goofy. Stay tuned! :)


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