Sunday, February 28, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - Happy March!!

Thanks to Laura at for hosting menu plan Mondays.

I'm liking this looser planning, but my sweetie will be on days this week, so I'm going to go ahead and assign days to our menu. It has more to do with the change in schedule (and not wanting to leave loose ends) than anything else. I made kimchee, so we're having it every other day, hee hee.

Breakfasts: Oatmeal, cereal, bagels or zucchini bread (it is still in the freezer) with fruit and milk or yogurt.

Lunches: Leftovers from previous dinners or PBJ sandwiches or pimento cheese with crackers (once I get the pimento cheese made). We have lots of fresh fruits and veggies to go with as well.


S - garden salads with chicken, cheese topped garlic bread

M - seasoned grilled bison steak with onions, tortillas, lettuce, tomato, sour cream with salsa, guacamole and chips

T - braised Chinese pork (new recipe), asparagus, brown rice, kimchee, pineapple

W - hamb. helper lasagna, zucchini

R - tuna croquettes, brown rice, kimchee, cole slaw

F - hot dogs on homemade buns, baked beans, cole slaw

S - teriyaki beef, brown rice, kimchee, macaroni salad, mixed vegetables

I have green bananas on the counter. When they reach the proper ripeness I'm going to try a dessert I saw on a cooking show. You make crepes, then top a fanned crepe with banana slices sauteed in butter and honey, then drizzle with chocolate. I might even roast a few macadamia nuts to chop and sprinkle over the top. I'll also probably do a fruit cobbler that will last us 2-3 nights, and other nights will be fresh or frozen fruit.

whole wheat soft pretzels (once I get them made)
fresh fruit
dried fruits and nuts
home-popped popcorn

Based on this menu, I need to have a baking/cooking day and make:
steel cut oats
soft pretzels
fruit cobbler
pimento cheese
breadcrumbs (for the tuna croquettes)

Have a lovely week, y'all!
-Laura at TenThingsFarm


Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

Your menu sounds good this week, Dearie. I'm all about 'easy' this week, as I'm trying to get a few projects done.

Ha! I can have wishful thinking, at least, can't I?!

Anonymous said...

Hi, DD

Hope you all enjoy the bison steak. Guess nobody is going to drop a bison half off a truck in front of my house anytime soon. Ha, Ha.

I made meat loaf from venison and a little bit of ground beef and it was really good. Brother Bill gave me the meat and I made chili out of some and am going to make spaghetti sauce. Maybe meatballs.

Stay warm. Love,
Granny Ladybug


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