Friday, February 5, 2010

Baby's First Antibiotics.

It was bound to happen eventually.

Little Bit is an exceptionally healthy child. She got a virus when she was about 18 months old and yarked down the front of my shirt a couple of times. (ew)

She got the sniffles two, maybe three times. ever.

A couple of weeks ago she sounded a little 'stuffy', but she said she felt fine. She developed a cough, but mainly at night. I called Ask-a-Nurse and got some guidance. Ask-a-Nurse ROCKS, by the way - you call, talk to an RN and they help you determine whether or not you or a family member needs to be seen by a doctor. It's free, y'all - a health care service that's free! The first time I called they recommended all the things we were doing - humidifier, lots of fluids, baby vapo-rub, etc. If she's not better in a couple weeks, see the doctor.

A couple weeks passed, and toward the end, she seemed better...then, not so much. So I called Ask-a-Nurse again, and the nurse agreed it was time for Little Bit to see a doctor since she was still coughing at night. We made our appointment, saw her doctor yesterday afternoon, and learned that our little sweetie has a sinus infection. I have only had a couple of them in my life and they were miserable, but she hasn't complained of headaches, tenderness, pressure - nothing. Even when the doctor asked her, Little Bit said, "I feel pretty good, and I have energy. I just cough sometimes."

Our Little Bit had her first ever dose of antibiotics last night before bed. The doctor said that that's a pretty good run - four years, three months and change. Yay for healthy kids - I'll be so glad when she's all better.


Prairie Homemaker said...

Aww Cat I know it stinks when our littles are sick (even when my littles are in their 20s...)
hugs to you and to kitten.

Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

As healthy as Little Bit is, those antibiotics will work miracles ~ and quickly! Hang in there, Mom. She'll be all better soon!

Anonymous said...

Dude! I love Ask-A-Nurse! I use them all the time.
Poor thing. I just got over a sinus infection and I usually get one every other year or so - they are not fun at all and very painful. I can't believe she wasn't even complaining. What a trooper!

Anonymous said...

Grandma sends love and hugs and chicken noodle soup!!!

I've had 2 sinus infections this winter and they are miserable. She's a brave girl.

Hope the medicine does the trick.

Love and kisses,

Granny Ladybug

Laurie said...

I used 'ask-a-nurse' too, when my boy was little. It's awesome!

I know, Mel, it does stink when our littles are sick (even the 20 year old ones). LOL!

Amanda said...

Poor baby ~ hugs from Scotland :)

Anonymous said...

I think I bought my pediatricin's office one co-pay at a time when my kids were little. My dh's mother was almost deaf from ear infections and both my dh and kids get them very easily. Hope Kitten feels better soon. Cheryl


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