Friday, January 22, 2010

Super Savings Saturday!

Earlier in the week we stopped at King Sooper to pick up some good deals.
2 Store brand tortilla chips 10oz. $1 each
2 cans diced green chiles .59 each after sale/coupon
4 pouches OldElPaso Mexican Rice, ready to eat, .25 each after sale/coupon
4 small tubes (4 per tube) Pillsbury Crescent rolls free after sale/coupon
Total: $4.18

We got some things at Safeway this week. After coupons and the sale prices, the fruit snacks were 20 cents a box! The Annie's macaroni and cheeses were free, and the snack crackers were just a dollar. Then...we got a catalina (a coupon that prints at checkout) for $2.50 off our next order.


So - we spent $1.80, and got $2.50 for next time. Nice!

I had planned to bake bread late in the week, but other things (like sweeping the chimney!) took precendence. So last night, I picked up a few things at Walmart too.

2 pkg.Lender's bagels .98 each after coupon ($1 off 2)
bananas .67
whole wheat bread 1.86
Stacy's Pita Chips (I had a free coupon)
Total: $4.49

Total grocery spending for the week: $10.47 - and we have the $2.50 coupon to use!

Edited to add: I just did another SSS post - click here to see what else we got!

Check back Monday to see our menu for the week - with all the other things we have in our pantry, it'll be good!

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Noelle said...

Great deals!
Nothing beats free Annies Mac!


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