Friday, January 15, 2010

Help For Haiti - We can All do Something!

I feel completely overwhelmed when I see the terrible tragedy and the tremendous need in Haiti.

By visiting these blogs, you can find lots of opportunities to give, either by giving directly or by leaving comments or links. Check them out!

Money Saving Mom has a post up that gives us all opportunity to do something for the people of Haiti during this crisis. Here is an excerpt from her post:

You've seen the pictures, you've read the stories, and you can't help but be heartbroken for the hundreds of thousands of people in Haiti who have suffered tremendous loss this week. Loss we cannot even comprehend as we sit in our heated homes on our comfortable sofas with plenty of food to eat, a roof over our heads, and luxuries like access to the internet at our fingertips.

We all want to do something to help these people, but it can be a little overwhelming to even know where to start. There are hundreds of thousands of people in dire need.

You can read the entire post here.

Also, please check out what The Pioneer Woman is doing at her site. Here's an excerpt:

There’s not a person alive who doesn’t have Haiti on his mind today, and I encourage all of you to research the very best charities and aid organizations—those whose funds will go directly to help the people who need it—and give as your situation allows.

Today I’m having a different kind of giveaway here on Pioneer Woman. Rather than give away Amazon gift cards or an iPod or shiatsu massagers, I’m giving away two (2) $500 donations to the Haitian-related charity of the winners’ choice.
In addition, so that all of you can help make a difference, I will donate one dime (10 cents) for every entry received in this giveaway to Haitian recovery efforts.

* * *

We have been eating from the pantry (more than is usual for us) this month. We can use some of our saved funds to make a contribution to the efforts in Haiti. If you can, we encourage you to do the same, or maybe skip movie night this week (you can get a movie from the library and have popcorn at home!), eat 'dinner out' at home instead - some little thing that will allow you to support these people who have so much need at this time...and don't forget to visit all those links and leave comments!

Edited to add: If you use Swagbucks to search, you can donate any swagbucks you have too - they will be converted to cash donation to reputable charities - see the info and the conversion rate for swagbucks at the site! (I donated mine - my balance is zero - woot!)

Thank you,
Laura at TenThingsFarm


GrammyGoo said...

Amen. Many hands help make the load lighter. So many wonderful relief efforts by so many ministries and humanitarian organizations. We are praying and supporting the efforts of the relief workers there on the ground. Thank you for your post and for sharing what the Pioneer Woman is doing. God is Faithful.
Blessngs, GG

Savings and Stewardship said...

I'd love for you and your readers to come link up or comment at Savings & Stewardship, where we're donating $1 to World Vision for each entry!

Mark and Christine said...

What a wonderful gesture. I love that bloggers are coming together to make a BIG difference for so many.

deal Queen said...

Hi Alicia
Please join me via link at

We are giving $1,600 to Haiti and rewarding one lucky joyful giver with a box of Godiva chocolate

Gifts For One Gifts For All said...

I'm giving $10 eCOUPONs to my online gift store Gifts For One Gifts For All ( to those that have donated to organizations helping the Haitian earthquake victims. When the eCOUPON is redeemed, 10% of the purchase will also be donated to organizations helping Haiti. Read my blog for more details at http:/ on how you can receive your eCOUPON for donating.

Tracy @ Hall of Fame Moms said...

I too am doing the pay per comment at my blog. Thanks for being a part!

Alyssa Schroeder said...

Thanks for doing this! I have donated to Compassion & Red Cross. I am also donating $1-$2 for every comment on my blog to Compassion International:


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