Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This!

It may have been a crazy morning, but I sure can't complain!

This morning was the December meeting for our book club. It's a wee one - just four of us and Little Bit, who is mostly there for the snacks and the visiting.

About half an hour before book club, Barb called. Her son is in town, so she's not coming - they are going window shopping in town. I hope they have a great time. I got a bit of sad news from her, that a mutual, elderly friend passed away a few days ago. Ralph was a sweetheart, and he will be missed by family and friends.

After we hung up the phone, it rang again! (Two phone calls in one day - mercy!) It was Mr. Kirby. I helped Mr. Kirby with his honeybees back in the fall. He wanted to bring us some firewood, just because...and he wanted to come today, right about the time book club meets. That's okay - we can make that work. I zip downstairs, gather a jar of chili sauce and a jar of orange marmalade, put Christmas fabric and twine on the tops and set them in the kitchen for Mr. Kirby.

It's almost time for the book club ladies to arrive, and as usual, I'm behind schedule. Little Bit dresses herself while I sweep the floor, put a tablecloth on the table, open some marmalade, warm some biscuits, get out napkins, plates, mugs, etc. and put water in the coffee maker and turn it on. There's no time to tidy, so I grab a laundry basket, toss in all the 'stuff' that is sitting around, and stash that on top of the washer. My friend Grace calls that 'stash and dash'. I'm getting really good at it.

My friend Mary Beth arrives, and tells me they've closed the road, so she had to go around, so the other ladies will likely be late. I tell her that Barb isn't joining us, so it'll just be three (and Little Bit). We're sitting in the living room, visiting, when someone with a dog comes up the drive. It's Lorenzo from next door, returning the battery charger. We've had frigid temps the past few days, and both of their trucks needed a charge yesterday. All better now, but they had to get a new battery for the big truck.

The phone rings. Linda would like some directions to get here, since the road is closed. I fumble around, mentally, trying to think of the best way for her to get here, and give her directions. Then, Mr. Kirby pulls in with the firewood, and needs to know where to put it. Also, Mary Beth needs to go to the DMV today, and really shouldn't stay any longer. We hug, say our goodbyes, and we give her a jar of orange marmalade to take home.

I go out and help Mr. Kirby with where to put the wood, give him some marmalade and chili sauce. He has a baggie of jelly beans, suckers and M&M's for Little Bit. As he's unloading the wood (He has a hydraulic lift on his trailer - you should see it! He built it himself and everything.) Anyway, as he's unloading, Linda arrives, and can see that no one else is here. She has gift bags - one for Little Bit, and one for me. We go in and switch books, so that everyone has next month's book, even though we didn't get to discuss this month's book at all.

Linda needs to get going as well, so we give her some marmalade and a candle, and hug our Merry Christmases.

My house is clean, with the exception of that laundry basket. I have firewood, which we can always use. I've gotten to see my friends, my neighbor, and we all have next month's book - except for Barb, but I will see her soon anyway - I have to give her marmalade, and a candle!

We were going to have tostadas, or nachos, for lunch today. When hubby got home last night (he is working nights), he was hungry. I don't have the menu posted...he made himself tostadas. Since we didn't 'have' book club, I have biscuits, so I think we'll have biscuits with sausage gravy instead, with eggs and oranges.

See? It all works out, in the end!

Remember to smile,


amyd (from ph) said...

Wow! I'm tired just reading all that. You never cease to amaze me, and I love your writing style.

-amyd from ph

Anonymous said...

Hi, Darlin' Daughter and All,

Sounds like you didn't have time to get cold yesterday. Hope you kept some marmalade for yourself. Aunt Laura and I agree that it is really pretty and looks good. Thought of Grandma F. when we saw it.

Is the Ralph that died the one I met who had the goats? Both he and his wife were really sweet. The goats, not necessarily!!

Richard got done with the projects and we are waiting for the glue to dry under the surround before calling David (my new best friend) the plumber. Now we are dealing with the horrible smell of the glue. I have been assured it will go away in a day or two.

The laminate in the kitchen and dining room look really great. Am finally going to be able to cook something in the kitchen. Will be a few days before all is put away.

Stay warm.

Love to all,
Granny Ladybug

Anonymous said...

That sounds about like the day I had yesterday! I couldn't wait to crawl into bed last night, just so the day could be over.
Do you have a recipe for the chili sauce on your blog somewhere?

tenthingsfarm said...

KM, I don't have the chili sauce listed on my blog - it's a canning recipe (it's in the Ball Blue Book). I'll see if it's online anywhere, and if not, I'll try to get it posted. :)

Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

Absolutely! You just have to keep on smiling!

I always get a chuckle out of days like this ~ some days the good Lord goes along with letting you think you have the ultimate master plan...and other days He doesn't hesitate to remind you He is the ultimate Master.

Love and hugs, Sis!

Anne said...

What a day! I was glad to stay home a couple of those stormy days.

Yes, I looked up the town where you live and I think we live less than 30 min. away. I've thought it would be neat to meet you and pick your brain a little about what it's like gardening and living in the country in Colorado.

We are likely staying in this area and are interested in buying a little bit of land. But I don't know if we'd be getting in way over our heads! :)

Hope you weekend goes more smoothly!

Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to buy that Ball book, I've put it on my list for the weekend, thanks!!

stacey said...

go take a nap.


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