Saturday, December 19, 2009

Instead of Christmas Cookies


I'm making Caramel Popcorn today! Since this batch is for Christmas (it's going into gift bags for our neighbors), I think I'll make it with red coloring and cinnamon. Then, just to be ridiculous, I think I'll add some chocolate and snowman marshmallows after it's cooled. Yum!

I'll be back later with photos, at least that's the plan.

What are you making, doing, or prepping today for the holidays?


beth said...

I made caramel corn today! Actually, today I did trial runs of caramel corn & homemade cheetos(which taste like goldfish)...I made yogurt so I can make yogurt cheesecake for Christmas...and set up all my ingredients/equipment for peanut butter fudge! getting close...

K said...

Looks yummy! I can't wait to see the snowmen marshmellows. I just saw a 'recipe' for chocolate popcorn thats simply drizzling chocolate over popcorn. I can probably handle that!
Merry christmas cat!

Anonymous said...

I have gotten soooo very hungry reading your blog lately Cat.
I wouldn't be surprised if I gained a pound or two just reading,lol!!!
I guess the only thing left for me to do is to move so I become one of your neighbors and the lucky recipient of these deliciious treats.
Love and God bless,


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