Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Yan-Yan has something to say!

When we lived in Hawaii, I loved going to the little import shops to browse the poorly translated offerings. I remember t-shirts for small children with cute tigers that said, "Romping of the fast feet in grass gives one a lazyness" or pencils labeled "Right Away!" (write away?) This was before the days of - we had to find the hilarity on our own.

(Disclaimer: While is filled with hilarity, it is not always 100% family friendly. You've been warned! And before you decide that I'm making fun of the Asian world and they way they translate things to English, let me just tell you that once, when I worked at a Migrant Head Start program I told a child, in Spanish, to 'Wipe please your face with the happy paper for no milk.' I meant to say, 'Use your napkin to wipe the milk off your mouth, please.' And, er...I was the Education Coordinator/Teacher Supervisor. Yay me!)

Anyway, last week Grandma and Grandpa sent Little Bit some Yan-Yan - one of her favorite little imported treats. She also likes Hello Panda, Hello Kitty Honey Balls, Arare (rice cracker), Hello Kitty ANYTHING, and the ginger candy from Indonesia.

Have you ever had Yan-Yan? It's crunchy, slightly sweet sticks in a cup - and in that same cup there's a little tub of, well, frosting, I guess. The sticks are all the same - or at least they were until now - and the frosting is chocolate, or strawberry...or in this case, vanilla.

In a new twist of marketing and product improvement Yan-Yan decided it was time to dress up those crunchy sticks with little messages, like...

and my personal favorite,

The good news - they are still full of creamy, crunchy, imported processed goodness.


Gill - That British Woman said...

I have seen those before but they're not called Yan-Yan, and they don't have sayings on the sticks!!!

By the way, some of the expressions I use and some that the Canadians use are also very strange. I wrote about "When the snow Flies," the other day!!

Gill in Canada

Anonymous said...

LOL that's funny! Does your little one like pocky too? It's similar to Yan-Yan. Sky loves the stuff!

Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

Ha! I don't think I've ever seen Yan-Yan, but the whole stick and dip concept reminds me of those Fun Dip packets we used to get as kids. At least I think that is what they are called ~ it's been so many years ago. The stick was like a white mini tongue depressor and the packet contained a sugary powder similar to Kool-Aid.

Anyway ~ packages from Grandma and Grandpa are always the best!!

tenthingsfarm said...

Pocky! I knew there was another brand, but I couldn't think of it! Thanks!

Gill, the sayings are new to us too, and so silly! I read about 'when the snow flies' the other day - while it's a small world, we still have some little local differences, thank goodness! :)

stacey said...

sheep~wool sweaters! love it!


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