Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sprucing Up

I have most definitely not kept up with Organized Christmas, but I've made progress all the same. Some things are more organized! I have some meals made ahead, and I've started some Christmas crafting. I feel good about the progress I've made, even if it wasn't, or isn't, perfect.

I'm really enjoying putting some decorative touches here and there, especially since things seem less cluttered than they were before. I've been lucky to find some things I really like in thrift stores, and I have some cuties my mom sent too, so I haven't spent a lot of money, but I feel like the house is coming together and feeling more home-y.

My mama sent these. They are supposed to be Christmas ornaments, but they are so stinkin' cute that I think I have to have them out all year. I got the tiny hanger at a thrift store and it's a perfect fit! There are eight utensils, so the one that didn't fit here is up on the wall by the kitchen sink. I love them, Mom. Thank you so, so much!


I am tickled pink (or is it pickled tink?) about my pickle crock! It was a thrift store find as well - neither cracked nor chipped. It's relaxing on my kitchen counter right now, but I plan to put it to work some time soon!

The crookedy-ness of the #4 stamp makes me wonder if the potter was sampling a little something fermented that day.

When I (finally) got the bedroom curtains done, I needed pull-backs. These are yard-sale beads, many of them plastic. It was simple to string a few and turn them into something pretty and useful.


Love that little birdie on the right!

It has been fun to gather special things over the course of time to make our house a home. We still have some bare spots - a high shelf in the master bedroom, another in the living room, and the space where a mantle might go someday, but I am glad we didn't run out willy-nilly and decorate the house all at once.

So, tell me...where is your favorite place to treasure hunt? What things have you made for your home? (Leave a link to pictures if you like!)


GrammyGoo said...

Just lovely!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the tiebacks you made for the curtains.
My favorite place for sprucing up/decorating the house things is a church bazaar!
The ones that have white elepant tables are great and quite often they are very inexpensive and just to my style "country prim"
Love and God bless,

stacey said...

I love the beaded curtain ties. What a great idea!


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