Monday, November 16, 2009

'The Plan' for the week.

I've been better about menu planning of late, mostly because I was so determined to make space in the freezer for those turkeys. Getting back to menu planning helped me realize, yet again, how much it simplifies things overall. So, here's the plan for this week. Foods with a star * beside them are things I made ahead and froze in the early parts of Organized Christmas, back when I was actually following it well.

Breakfasts: cereal/fruit/milk, yogurt/fruit/granola, pumpkin pancakes/applesauce/milk

Lunches: generally, lunch is leftovers, sometimes re-combined into new exciting things. On Thursday we're going out to lunch after a museum visit - I'm hoping to get the house salad at a local restaurant, if the other ladies agree to go there!

M - Tuna Croquettes, Rice, Asian mixed vegetables, Spumoni.

T - *Chicken Enchilada Soup, tortilla chips and homemade salsa.

W - Tongkatsu Chicken, Rice, Macaroni Salad (the double starch is a Hawaii thing), frozen peas and frozen pineapple.

R - *Chili and cheese baked potatoes, pears.

F - *Hamburgers w/fixins, oven baked fries, fresh veggie sticks w/dip, fruit smoothies.

S - Fried Rice, mandarin oranges.

S - Pork Chops, AuGratin potatoes, Green beans, *Applesauce, Gingerbread.

I bet there is a blog somewhere that hosts 'Menu Plan Monday'. Does anyone know who or where? (Edit to add - I googled, and Menu Plan Monday originates here.)

Also, what are you having this week? Even if you don't do the menu thing, what do you want to have - even if it's just one day's craving?

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klutzymama said...

I made Pioneer Woman's fettuccine alfredo last night, except I made my own noodles. The noodles didn't turn out very well, so it made it easier not too overeat because the alfredo was awesome! If the noodles had turned out, I could have easily ate 3 helpings! Sometimes you have to be thankful for rubbery noodles! :-)


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