Monday, November 9, 2009

Chicken News

Now that the garden is finished, we can let the chickens out to range just about anywhere.

There's really nothing they can hurt at this point, but they find lots of seeds and things to eat. They love it when they find a little tuft of grass that's still green too.

All those 'treats' really improve the flavor of the eggs.

The babies are growing up so quickly too - soon they'll be as big as the rest of the flock!

As much as I love all the birds in our flock, I've been wondering if I should reduce the numbers by selling off some of the layers and the roo to other people who want to keep a few birds. We have 17 birds right now, and the chicken tractor that we built (and plan to start using when springtime comes) would probably be comfortable for 10 at the most. I'm thinking even fewer would meet all our needs. I wouldn't be able to sell eggs, but I also wouldn't have to buy so much feed, because my girls would be able to forage on the grass/bugs/etc. in the chicken tractor instead of spending so much time at the feeder.

Oh, I don't know. I really like them, and they seem pretty happy, and they are so, so entertaining. We have learned a lot by using the incubator too, but that won't work sans rooster, so it would be a big change. (I don't know that I can keep him if I have so few birds - he will, um, 'wear them out', so to speak.)

Give me a day, and I'll want to have a hundred more birds. My thoughts about this change with the wind.


Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

That decision would just be way too hard for me ~ I become too attached to critters!

Your girls do look so happy and content, and you know they're well taken care of and pampered there with you.

I vote for keeping them! (Not that I get a vote. Heehee!)

tenthingsfarm said...

I've been back and forth about it ever since posting this, Farmer J...but I do think I'm leaning toward a smaller flock that could fit in the chicken tractor all at once...and possibly no perhaps I'd sell the incubator? Hm...I don't know!


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