Thursday, October 22, 2009

A new home.

The littlest of our chicks are all feathered out now, so they've moved in with the general chicken population. Everyone is adjusting accordingly.


First, I moved our rooster into the bachelor pen. He has some fiesty tendencies, and I wanted the babies to have a little time to find food, find water, find hiding places.

Meanwhile, the hens get to enjoy some rooster-free time to eat scraps, dustbathe, and talk about the weather, the price of grain, who is really in charge, etc.


I think I've been noticed! Guard hens (or maybe hens hoping for treats) headed my way!


In the evening, I took the babies out of the brooder and put them in the henhouse. They are nervous, but doing fine.


Whenever you add new chickens to an existing population it's a good idea to do it at night. Apparently, when they all wake in the morning the other hens assume that the new ones have been there all along, so they don't go after them the way they would if they saw them come in with their suitcases and travel brochures.


Everyone is adjusting. The roo is back in with the hens, and so far, all is well. From here out there won't be any new birds until next spring.


Lamb said...

The little chicks are so cute! I am so excited as my plans for homesteading are moving forward ...Darling Man will be back next June!

tenthingsfarm said...

I can't wait to read your homesteading plans, Lamb! I have a chicken tractor built (still needs the mesh put over the heavy gauge wire), so I'll be able to get my hens out on pasture come spring. I'd love to have more animals, but I need to figure out ways to feed them (besides the feed store). I'd love a turkey flock, maybe a milk goat? Maybe not? A Dexter would be awesome, if they will eat the grasses that grow here. I just have to take it slow, I guess! :)


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