Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Do you ever get like that? That's where I've been for a while now.


I come, look at my blog, try to think of something to tell y'all, and..

meh. I'll blog something tomorrow.

Like it's WORK or something.

I'm not depressed. I've been keeping busy too.

I've crocheted washloths...played 'tiger and mouse' with Little Bit, worked on the craft room, made playdough with Little Bit, reorganized the pantry and put the potatoes and winter squashes in the root cellar, made meals and put extras in the freezer (lasagna, cookies, breads) helped Little Bit clean out her activity cabinet, gone on mini-holiday to an undisclosed location, taught little bit how to sound out words, reading about blogging and how to do it well, etc, etc...so it's not like I'm laying on the couch being all listless.



But I promise to get back to actually posting (and uploading photos) soon.

So - what do YOU do when you get all 'meh' about work, life, housekeeping, whatever? Give me some tips, will ya? Just leave a comment, it's that easy! ;)


Anonymous said...

you could post an update on those chicks you guys hatched.

girl.in.the.desert said...

its perfectly ok to take a break :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you needed a break and the "meh" forced you to take it. You have been busy, your body could be telling you, you are tired take a rest. I've missed the details and photos of your farm and harvest this week, thanks for sharing all you have this summer, you could wear a super woman shirt. Take care,

tenthingsfarm said...

Thanks for being so understanding, y'all! Chickie post coming soon! :)


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