Friday, October 30, 2009

Fine Motor Skills

If you promise you'll come back after, please go here and read this post by Mrs. G. I really like her and what she has to say about homeschooling, raising kids, and I just love her sense of humor. Just remember that I'll miss you while you're gone - please come back!


We kinda, sorta home school. I mean, it's early for anything official...she just turned four! I taught preschool forever, so I have all this stuff, and all these activities I know Little Bit will enjoy, so we do them, and while she's having fun, she learns things.


Yesterday we were playing with play dough and the Fun Factory that she got for her birthday. In addition to learning some vocabulary (extrusion, die, mold, pressure, etc.), she was strengthening muscles in her hands and developing some fine-motor skills. Pinching and kneading the play dough, cutting shapes with the knife, assembling them into objects - it's all really fun, but it's also really good for her.

Besides all that, she's so stinkin' happy!

(Can I just say how much I love the 'hair' die for the the Fun Factory? I could make hair all day with that thing...if it weren't for details like cooking, cleaning, tending animals and laundry.)

This morning, she wanted the not-sharp scissors to cut out some coupons. That's a totally normal thing to want to do, especially around here, where coupons save us BUCKETS of money. Speaking of buckets...
Ever since she was teeny tiny, Little Bit has called KFC the "I love you store". We don't know why. When I ask her, she says something definitive like, "Because that's what I call it." Whenever she sees Colonel Sanders, she calls him the "I love you Guy" too. It's a the one where my little brother always called macaroni and cheese "Deweys".

Anyway...she cut these two out all by herself.
I told her that was pretty good! I also said that sometimes the workers need to see all the words on a coupon, so they really like it when you cut on those dotted lines.

"I can do that," she said. Then she did this,

and this,

all by herself. So I'm thinking that this casual preschool homeschooling combined with training in life skills is working for her. She can carry on a conversation with most anyone, she can feed the dog, she has a great vocabulary, she can match socks and set the table, and starting right now, she can help me cut out coupons, and all of it will serve her well.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Y'all

Don't forget who called the radio the "all day" and no one ever knew why. Ha, Ha

Love, Granny Ladybug

Anonymous said...

Oh Cat,
I love,love,love, this post and the link you sent.
I'm looking for the right word, but not finding it.I was harder,stricter,more insistent (am I being totally confusing?)with Khori and she is the most practical helpful common sense child I have.The other two are great but not so capable as their baby sister!
They are all loving and lovable children (well young adults!)but the older two know where to turn when they need a babysitter,some great homemade snacks or where to borrow a dollar or two til next payday!!!
As far as carrying on a conversation,I can attest to that.
The little talk I had with kitten over the phone a couple of weeks ago was the most interesting and intelligent conversation I've ever had with a 4 year old and lots older kids too,not to mention that sweet personality!
Keep up the great work!

Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

Hooray for Little Bit! She has a wonderful mommy and teacher ~ you are such a blessing in her life, Dearie.

Now, on another note. You know how we always say we are twins parted at birth? Well, one more piece in the Proof Pie is your dining room chairs. We have the exact chairs sitting around our table. I even got up to look at the engraved details. Yep. Two 'captains' chairs with arms and four regular chairs. The table top looks the same, too, except I think your table is square and ours is oval. Heehee!

And one more mom called me Little Bit when I was...well...little. Heehee!

Love and hugs, Dear Sister!


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