Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bonus - It also encourages reading!

Little Bit really loves her birthday flashlight. We've switched out the rechargeable batteries a couple of times already. She plays 'camping', she helps me look for things (even in broad daylight) and each night she asks,

"Mama, would it be alright if I read in bed for a while?"


Sure, Honey. You go right ahead.

Sweet dreams, Little One.


Anonymous said...

Hi, All,

That picture takes me back. I used to read by flashlight because we had to go to bed so early, but I didn't have permission. When my sisters got a little bigger, I had the bribe the little monsters to keep them from telling!!! Daddy never did know why my flashlight used more batteries than the others. Ha, Ha.

You go, Little Bit. Reading is the staff of life as far as I'm concerned.

Love to all,

Granny Ladybug

Karen said...

Oh, I used to read with a flashlight all the time when I was a kid. Maybe you're growing a librarian there!

tenthingsfarm said...

I used to read by flashlight too. The most memorable was when I snuck The Amityville Horror up to my bedroom in this ramshackle farmhouse we lived in near Morris, IL. The wind howled through that place (especially true whilst I was reading that book!) and my parents' room was far from mine, but I couldn't resist!

tenthingsfarm said...

Karen, I wouldn't be surprised if she went to library school. She adores books and reading, library activities - all of it. She thinks the bookmobile is the best thing ever, but she loves East too.

They're breaking ground soon on a library about 2 miles from us, and she's really excited about that as well.

Hm..wonder where that love of books and reading comes from? ;)

Laurie said...

Oh how I remember reading by flashlight, under the covers at night. It was more fun reading that way than any other!

I remember my DS playing camping out when he got his flashlight for his 3rd birthday. Every night was an adventure! LOL!


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