Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ping! Peep! Ping! Peep Peep!

What a fun day! For the first time in just about forever, I got to make cucumber pickles. Cucumbers don't do well in our soil, but my friend MaryBeth had more than she could use, so she shared with me. I made bread and butter pickles, with added hot pepper flakes. Vlasic makes a Spicy Bread and Butter Pickle that I'm addicted to, so I'm hoping this will be close. It has onion in with the cucumbers (the Vlasic ones are just cucumbers), but I imagine those onions will be awfully good on sandwiches.

I love listening to the jars seal when they come out of the canner. Ping! Ping! Such a happy sound.

This evening, we went downstairs to check the incubator. Little Bit and I started putting eggs in 3 weeks ago. Before we even got to the craft room (that's where everyone keeps their incubator, right?) we heard the Peep! Peep Peep! of a new little chick! So far, two out of twelve have hatched. We only put 2 in the first day, so that's a great sign! I've candled the eggs, and it looks like some were not fertilized, but we are hoping for 8 total over the next few days.

(Candling is when you shine a light through the egg. You do this when the room is dark, and you can see a shadow if a chick is developing. It's really neat, and you can do it with a good flashlight.)

Erin, if you're reading this, Penguin is a Mom!! She never did get broody at my house, but now there's a little "Penguinette"! There may be another - we put in two of her eggs.

I will post pickle and peeper pics soon. Right now the camera battery is recharging.

I'm still at it with the Organized Christmas thing too. Hubby agreed to let me rearrange the living room, and I'm one happy girl. When the couch is in front of the windows I have a really hard time opening and closing them. Now it's in another place, and the room feels lighter and brighter to me. (That might be because I have the drapes down - fluffing in the dryer with some tennis balls.)

Once I get the living room completely put together, I'll post those pics too!

So - what are y'all up to? And...does anyone who reads this know anything about those Mr.Linky type things that allow people to leave links below the post in a blog? I have something I would like to use that for if I can figure out how it works. (Thanks in advance for the help!)


Erin Dodge said...

Oh, hooray Penguin! Antigone just about jumped out of her skin when I told her. :) That's so exciting! Grats on all of your little peeps.

Anonymous said...

I've missed you and your blog so much this week.
I love to re-arrange my living room.Just doing it makes things seem new,fresh, and clean to me!
Cant' wait to see the pics.
Love and God bless,


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