Saturday, September 19, 2009

I saved 100% - whee!

King Sooper (a Kroger affiliate) had a coupon in the ad - transfer a prescription and get $20 worth of free groceries. I love these! Hubby had a prescription that was last filled somewhere else, so he transferred it.

Here's a photo of the things we bought.

Here's the breakdown. They are doing a 'mega event', where you buy 10 items from a certain page in the ad, then they take of $5 from the total cost. So basically, they reduce those things by 50 cents apiece.

4 4.5oz. Hormel pepperoni - raincheck from last week when they were $1 - I had 55 cent coupons, doubled to $1, so they were completely free.

2 Whole Wheat Ritz crackers - 1.99 each after mega event sale, but I also had coupons to get free Ritz 'Crackerfuls' with each box, so I got 2 of those too.

2 8oz. Kraft shredded mozzarella 99 cents each after mega event price and coupon for $1 off 2

2 boxes Hot Pockets 49 cents each after mega event pricing and 50 cent coupon doubled to $1

2 Nestle' chocolate chips 99 cents each after mega event pricing and 50 cent off coupons doubled to $1

1 8oz. Philly cream cheese 99 cents after mega event pricing. I needed it for the 10th item to get the mega event pricing, but 99 cents isn't bad for cream cheese anyway.

1 12oz Kraft cheese slices 99 cents after mega event coupon and 50 cent off coupon (this one didn't double)

1 Family Size Honey Bunches of Oats 50 cents after sale price and $2 off coupon

1 26oz. bag gummy bears - basically a lifetime supply - splurge item, on sale for $1.

Total after all that: $12.40. That was paid with the $20 credit from transferring the prescription, so it was all totally free!

Gotten any great deals lately? Leave a comment and tell us all about them!


Anonymous said...

Wow!great deals!
I got my first ever free after coupon deals this weeks and I am so excited.
Thanks for bringing this up.
I had 3 coupons for 75 each off carolina rice mixes.
My market doubles up to 1$ and the mixes were on sale at 3for 2$
Total cost: they paid me 50 cents!
My elderly next door neighbor gave me a bunch of inserts.
There were 4 coupons for freshpet selects refrigerated dog food.
The coupons were for up to 2.50$ each.They were 1.99$ final cost free.
I'm learning and Cat, you are a great teacher!
Love and God's blessings,

Gill - That British Woman said...

all I can say is WOW!


tenthingsfarm said...

Thanks, y'all! It is a lot of fun to find things like the free $20, but I still try to utilize coupons and sales when I spend it. One time the pharmacist told me that they've done some checking and most people who get this type of bonus spend it on splurges like a dinner in the deli or treats. We use it just like we'd use our own cash. :)

stacey said...

i love you!


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