Tuesday, September 22, 2009


We were hit by a mighty cold snap yesterday. We actually got a little snow! It melted as it hit the ground, but still, isn't it a bit early for all that?

My tomatoes think so, as do the lettuces, as did the summer squashes, may they rest in peace. Sigh.

It was cold again today, and it's supposed to be cold tomorrow, with warmer temperatures on Thursday.

I'd like some Autumn before the snow really flies, please.

(P.S. - I'll be back some time tomorrow with part 2 of the honey harvest. The photos are uploading very, very slowly, and I need to get some sleep. Thanks for understanding.)


stacey said...

snow!?! holy crap!

Anonymous said...

Wow Cat, snow?! It is still hot here. 89-90 temp with heat index in the mid 90's. We are still wearing summer clothes and running the air conditioning. I am sorry about your garden and can understand. We are hoping for a very late frost here. It rained so much this spring our farm crops were planted late, so harvest will be late also. Everything is at least a month behind, the cotton closer to two months.
Take Care,

GrammyGoo said...

Wow Cat........Snow!!!! It was actually humid today.
Hugs, GG


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