Saturday, August 1, 2009

Waste Not, Want Not.

I learned something from MaryBeth yesterday. If you simmer the cherry pits with just enough water to cover them, you can strain the resulting juice and make cherry pit jelly.

It is a more delicate - Hubby said it reminded him of honey - flavor than cherry jelly.

It's pretty too!


Anonymous said...

How cool, I wonder if you could do that with peach and nectarine pits?

Anonymous said...

Very pretty. I hope that I can get motivated next planting season. Thanks for the inspiration!

stacey said...

wonder if you could use that in hummingbird feeders?

tenthingsfarm said...

I'm not sure about using other pits - some seeds contain traces of cyanide (apples, apricots? maybe others), but I don't know if the amounts are anything to be concerned with. I'd have to do more homework.

It totally jelled - I'm so happy! I might save back a jar and enter it at the fair next year!

suzof7 said...

That is so awesome! I'm knee deep in pluots, we have some 100 lbs. to process and make jam with, and we want to try no sugar (and no artificial sweetener) recipes. I'm beginning to wonder what I've gotten myself into!

K said...

Love it, looks so delicious!


tenthingsfarm said...

Suzof7, this jelly has sugar - my apologies if I misled you. I took the resulting juice, strained it, then made a standard pectin/sugar jelly.

However, there is a product called pomona's pectin that you can use without sugar - check out this other blog post:

suzof7 said...

Oh no, you didn't mislead me at all! Thank you for the link, very helpful. How was the jam after time? I just heard about Pomona's the other day and am going to order some.

That fruit was only a tiny portion from my friend's orchard, so I think we'll all have plenty of pluots from here to next July for everything! They do make wonderful cobblers. She's going commercial next year though, so this is the last of this type of bounty!

tenthingsfarm said...

I did some of the Pomona's Pectin jam as freezer jam and some was regular canned (water bath) jam. It's not quite the same as the sugary jams - it separates a little more easily, and a couple of the flavors were a bit 'watery', but nothing has been terrible. I give it a stir and it's just fine, if that makes sense.

It tastes a lot more like fruit, and a lot less like candy. (Jelly in particular always tastes like candy to me.) I like it and plan to use it again for most of my jams this year.


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