Friday, August 21, 2009

Potato Harvest Begins!

I have 4 rows of potatoes planted this year. Kennebec, Russet, Yukon Gold, Red Skinned and Blue potatoes. The Blues and the Yukon Golds have died back already, so I went ahead and dug them up.

This is not all of them - we've eaten quite a few, shared some with neighbors, and I used some in the garden basket for the TOPS raffle. I've dug 49 pounds of potatoes so far. About one row's worth of them. Mercy, we're going to have a lot of potatoes!

Tonight I took all the potato fork casualties (the ones I nicked with the potato fork) and made a nice big pan of roasted potatoes and onions. This is so easy, so yummy, and it freezes well too.

Wash the potatoes, cut them up in bite size chunks, then rinse them. The rinse is especially important with the blue ones, because otherwise they stain the white and gold potatoes.

Cut up some onions - as many as you like, or none at all if you're not an onion person.

Add a little cooking oil (olive oil works great) to the potatoes and toss them a bit to coat. Then add some salt, some pepper, and as much garlic as you'd like. We like 'lotsa'. When nobody's looking, put in a little rosemary if you like it - it lends a wonderful flavor - but remember that a little goes a long way!

Use a big spoon to sort of 'fold' all that together...add the onions and gently fold again, then spread the potatoes/onions/spices into a baking dish.


They will bake faster if you cover them with foil for part of the baking time. New potatoes like these have a lot of moisture, so they cook pretty quickly. Make sure the foil is off for part of the cooking time so they will get a little browned.

I totally forgot to take a picture of the lovely pan full of browned potatoes. There is a picture of some of them here, on a plate with the rest of supper. We were hungry. Sorry! But they came out great! I put half of them on a cookie sheet to freeze, and I'll bag them once they're frozen solid. Then we can empty them into a pan and re-heat them on a busy day in the future.

They are also good as a side at breakfast - just so you know!


Gill - That British Woman said...

great idea, I need to check mine, but will make those when I dig mine up.

Gill in Canada

beth said...

yum! so....when to plant the next batch of potatoes and onions? I never know when is the best time...

tenthingsfarm said...

Hope you like them, Gill, and I hope you have a great harvest!

Beth, I plant potatoes and onions mid-spring each year. I know some people plant them in the fall, but spring seems to work fine for us. That said, I have a lot of 'volunteer' potatoes in another part of the garden, where they were planted last year, so obviously they weathered the winter, then grew just fine! Actually, the bucket of blue potatoes on the far left are all from 'volunteer' plants. :)


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