Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Peppermint Extract at home.

My friend MaryBeth told me how to do this. Then, my friend Erin gave me some Peppermint, so it seemed like the right thing to do!

You need vodka, peppermint, a jar, and a way to macerate (fancy word for 'smush up') the peppermint.

Strip clean leaves from the peppermint and put them in the bowl.

Commence to smushing.

Continue smushing until you have a bowl of 'ew'.

Put most of the macerated peppermint leaves into the wee little jar. Then, put some of the vodka into the bowl. Slosh it around to rinse out the remaining peppermint, then pour that into the wee little jar.

Top off the wee little jar. Cap it, give it a shake, and then put it in a cabinet where you'll see it often. Whenever you see it, give it a little shake.


In about six weeks, I can pour the whole mess through a coffee filter and I should have peppermint extract. In all honesty, it's already smelling like peppermint extract, but I'm going to give it time to develop a nice, full bodied flavor.

If you have a patch of mint, give this a try! You may never have to buy peppermint extract again!


Home CFO 60564 said...

Can I do the same thing with lavender?

stacey said...

a bowl of ew lmao! you had me at vodka!

Anonymous said...

NOW I know what to do with some of that mint growing behind "Uncle Bill's Cabin!!! Remember how to do approximately the same thing with a vanilla bean and get pure vanilla extract? Well may not be pure, but is good. Thing is vanilla beans are so expensive.GLB

tenthingsfarm said...

You know what? I bet you could do the same thing with lavender (buds). It would be worth a try with a small amount of them, for sure! But now I'm curious - what would you do with lavender extract?

There's nothing like a bowl of 'ew', is there? Erin (who gave me the peppermint) told me that she puts some of the leaves in when she makes brownies, and gets mint brownies. I'm guessing she shreds them somehow or something - I'm thinking of trying it the next time I make brownies. I'll probably just pulse the wet ingredients (and the mint leaves) in the blender. Yum!

Mom, if I ever use up the vanilla you gave me, I'll go back to making it from the beans. I just learned I can get them in bulk through the co op - woot!

Off to make more zucchini bread...

Scottish Witch said...

I've got a large bottle of Alcool sitting with vanilla beans in it to make extract.

I'm going to get out the vodka and try this. I love your picture of your "eww". Very fresh looking.

K said...

Thats so cool cat!! I'm going to do this, I have mint growing in a few places. Its in a pot but it managed to get a few runners out. I'm glad you posted this, i've done Vanilla but mint never occured to me, awesome!

angeliqueshara said...

I have seen cinnamon schnapps made similar to this, so I guess you could make a cinnamon extract too

Erin Dodge said...

This is great to see! I especially like directions like "smushing" things into "ew". I now have another reason to ask Santa for a mortar and pestle.


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