Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bathroom Towels Mini-Project

With all the back to college sales and the somewhat pitiful state of our bathroom towels, it was time to invest in new ones.

Why is it that a dinky little hand towel only costs 25 to 50 cents less than the bath sheet that's the size of Rhode Island? Don't even get me started on the washcloths!

Anyway, I wasn't about to double the cost of this deal buying hand towels. I just bought an extra towel and made my own.

I cut off one hand-towel-sized piece, then lined it up with the other end of the towel, and cut a second one.

Turn the raw edge and sew, then do it once again to get everything all nice. The other three sides have a finished edge already, so that's pretty much all there is to it. Repeat with second towel.


All cute, and not quite matching my walls....sigh.

I saved so much I got a second trio of towels and made two more hand towels from the spare.


If you use washcloths, you could easily work up the 'middles' for washcloths - especially if you have a serger. We use (and really love) these in place of washcloths.
They are scratchy, hypoallergenic, and they will not mildew. And old ones make great tub scrubbers!

Anyway, I took the two middle bits, hemmed the raw edges and sewed them together end-to-end the long way, to make a narrow, long towel.

It's a perfect wrap for wet hair - woot! Plus, it matches both sets of towels!

And that's that! New towels for less cost, plus a hair wrap, yay!


Anonymous said...

Great idea Cat!
I was just blessed with several towels and washcloths as well as a few handtowels.
My dil got new matching ones!!!
Kitten is just the cutest little thing!
Hey! No wonder it is so humid here in RI! You have that bathsheet thrown over us,LOL!!!!
Hugs and God bless,

Gill - That British Woman said...

what a simple idea, as I just paid nearly $7 for a new hand towel for the powder room a couple of weeks ago, wish I had seen this post before hand.


tenthingsfarm said...

Thanks for your kind words! It was a fairly simple thing to do, and these hand towels are actually a little bigger than the ones we would have purchased. I'm really loving the head wrap too - it's for me, but I couldn't manage keeping it on my head and taking a picture at the same time. Plus, my model INSISTED that I let her wear it! ;)


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