Tuesday, July 28, 2009

They are everywhere.

We are seeing a lot of ladybugs this year. Little Bit is thrilled. We've checked out library books and learned the life cycle, what they eat, defenses...pretty much everything there is to know about ladybugs.

Well, everything they tell little kids, anyway. I will have to do some research - I don't know if this is a party, if they mate in clusters - maybe this is the annual meeting, or an aphid convention. Whatever it is, it's cool.



They were nestled in little groups like this all around the tree - there must have been thousands of them! The next day we went back to look and they were still there. Off to do a little research!

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Anonymous said...

How cool! There's a homeschooling moment for ya!

We had that happen years ago, only with butterflies (I think they are called Pink Lady?). It was really really cool!


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