Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Shed.

When the mobile home was on the property, there was a utility room built onto the back of it. It was a decent size utility room, plus it has stairs leading down to a small cellar. That's where the 'well stuff' is too - the electrical for our water well, the pressure tank, all that.

When the "Git-R-Done" crew took down the mobile home, we asked them to leave the utility room standing. Somehow, in spite of all the other mishaps related to having them here, they did manage to leave the utility room standing. We framed up the open side (where the mobile home used to be) and turned it into a shed.

Hubby finally has a place to organize and store his tools! Woo hoo!

He's been working hard to get it in good shape. First - the outside. Once we got siding up on the open side, a lot of the trim had to be replaced. Then he caulked everywhere that needed caulking, scraped paint as needed, and primed the bare spots.


After one coat of paint, it looked like this.

It was a bit blotchy up close - so he put on another coat. Look at it now!

Neighbors have asked if we put up a new building. He did a great job, and I love the color! We'll be using the same color on the henhouse and the barn....eventually. He's still working inside the shed, and we still need to re-do the roofing and figure out the dirt/plants/mulch around the foundation, but WOW! Much better! Yay Sweetie!!!


Stephanie said...

WOW! It looks great. Wanna come by my house next time you are back in IL? LOL!



tenthingsfarm said...

Thanks, dearie! (What sort of work do you need done? ;) )

Anonymous said...

Ooh! If you're taking job offers we have a shed to be painted lolol!

homeschoolmom4 said...

Now, if only it was as easy as the pics/captions make it seem. ;) Great job, Mr Catinhat!

Anonymous said...

Oh, your shed looks AWESOME! Tell your hubby to take a bow ~ well, well done!


tenthingsfarm said...

He really did a great job, didn't he? Now we're re-staining the deck. Next, we'll be painting the henhouse the same color as the shed, then on to the barn....whee!

Tricia said...

Amazing Job. It looks awesome.

stacey said...

wow! that looks great!


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